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    Goals: stick to it before the Christmas festivities begin!!
    Be under 140 by Dec 22 (my 29th birthday)
    No chocolate until Dec 22
    Take everything one day, event and dinner at a time

    Round 62
    OW 230
    Round 46 SW 178 EW 172.6 (-5.4) 👍
    Round 47 SW 172.6 EW 170.8 (-1.8)👎
    Round 48 SW 170.8 EW 168 (-2.8)👍
    Round 49 SW 168 EW 166.8 (-1.2) 👎
    Round 50 SW 166.8 EW 163.6 (-3.2) 👍
    Round 51 SW 163.6 EW 161.4 (-2.2)👎
    Round 52 SW 161.4 EW 157.8 (-3.6)👍
    Round 53 SW 157.8 EW 156.2 (-1.6)👎
    Round 54 SW 156.2 EW 155.8 (-.04) 👎
    Round 55 SW 155.8 EW 151.2 (-4.6) 😄😁👍
    Round 56 SW 151.2 EW 149.8 (-1.4) 👍
    Round 57 SW 149.8 EW 148.2 (-1.6) 👎
    Round 58 SW 148.2 EW 147.2 (-1) 👎
    Round 59 SW 147.2 EW 146.2 (-1) 👍
    Round 60 SW 146.2 EW 145.2 (-1) 👍
    Round 61 SW 145.2 EW 142.4 (-2.8) 👍

    Round 17
    SW 142.4
    GW under 140
    UGW 125

    🍬12/14⛄142.6 a small fluctuation but only because TOM has made me bloat like crazy, i am actually surprised it isn't more. Drank 2 liters of water, exercised good, ate under Calories and got in over 18000 steps. Over all a very good day yesterday so I was expecting a loss but that is ok, only means a nice whoosh is in store for me.. hopefully🤞

    ❄12/15🎁 142.4 expected a little more of a loss. Had chocolate 😬 my mom brought tons of goodies from a Christmas party she went too and I couldn't help myself. 18000 steps and great workouts!! Felt like I was walking all day, my legs were so sore.

    🍭12/16⛄ no weigh in. I went crazy yesterday. We had two birthday parties and although I started out doing really good, somewhere along the line my will power dropped and then I couldn't stop eating, not to mention I didn't exercise either because the house was packed of people and that would have felt awkward. Only 5000 steps and although I know I didn't walk too much yesterday it still was a surprise to see such a low number because I did some Christmas shopping yesterday. This fit bit has really been opening my eyes to what my day to day looks like for sure. I noticed that i was being accurate when it comes to my workouts but I also didn't realize that depending on what you eat, it lessens the burn calories, for example on Friday I had an 800 calorie burn but after eating the goodies my daily calorie burn dipped to 600...I'm still figure everything out. If anyone knows more about this, please feed me information lol. I was too intimidated to weigh today because of yesterday's craze day, which I know I shouldn't be and I should have weighed to keep myself accountable but I was too intimidated. I have to be good today though and for the rest of the week if I want to meet my goal by next Saturday. It's not impossible to loose 2-3 more pounds but I am really going to have to work for it since I noticed my losses have slowed down, considerably.

    🕯12/17💈144.6 crazy weekend. I usually don't go off the rails two days in a row but I just couldn't keep it together. Bahhhh! It's ok though, i know this month is about doing what you can and letting go of the rest. I still have five days to attempt my goal, i will just have to be diligent. Got in over 10,000 steps yesterday and 1.2 liters Of water, exercise still wasn't great but I did manage a 45 min strength exercise late last night and a 30 min speed walk. This week will be full of holiday baking, i am planning to have pre cut fruits and veggies around so I don't overkill the "taste testing" lol Here we go guys, the harder days are upon us... get to your battle stations!!! 🤺🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤺

    🤶12/18🎅 142.6 so happy to see this number, although slightly confused. LNS got to me. I need to get rid of these baked goods that seem to make their way into my house, i have enough worry about the baked goods I will be preparing, i don't need others to also effect me..on the bright side though, they were delicious. Nothing is worse then eating something you shouldn't and not enjoying it. I got in my exercise yesterday, drank 1 liter of water, 10 933 steps but my eating was terrible. Right now, because of all the upcoming dinners, i don't have a good amount of fruits or vegetables, my fridge is currently packed with meat and ingredients for sides 😥😥😥 I don't think I have ever seen my fridge look so unhealthy.

    👼12/19🎀 142.4 volleyball was great, although we lost all our games. Yikes!! Some of my team mates are kind of getting on my nerves, we signed up for fun..Although it is a league, it's a recreational league which means it isn't for advanced or intermediate players...just newbies but they still managed to take it so seriously. We have some good people on our team but they don't seem to realize it isn't the new people messing up that is resulting in our losses, it is the good players deciding to play the wkhole field and not staying in their own position that is messing us up..they are so concerned about the newbies they aren't where they should be. I am happy yesterday was the last game before the holidays because I don't know how long I would have gone without saying something. Anyway, this pesky weight is really making me work for it. Exercised good yesterday, drank 1 liter of water 9271 steps and under calories. I am hoping this drops soon 😥😥

    ⛄12/20🍬144.4 and up we go 😥😥 last night was the one month mass for my aunt and we had a ton of people over for an evening. Felt like I was on my feet all day, preparing and cooking, managed over 13000 steps but at the same time I also ended up eating a ton. Even though I controlled myself and only had a nibble here and there it still managed to overkill my calories. I'm sure I will be down tomorrow back to my 142 but I don't think I will manage to leave the 140s behind me for my birthday..that's ok though, i have made my peace. I have to remind myself that in November of last year I was around the same weight but come January I was 160 and continued rising...this year I have managed to loose and maintain..so I am happy

    🎁12/21❄ 143.6 Yesterday was ..difficult to say the least. My hubby got off work early and decided to take me out for a birthday dinner, i got a lettuce wrapped burger which was good but also had already eaten a lot of my calories so still ended up a little over. Exercise was more difficult than usual...it was just one of those days where I did my workout but wasn't feeling up to it at all, for the whole time...i am proud I still got one in, regardless of how little I wanted to do and how little energy I had during. Managed over 9000 steps and 1.x amount of water. Today I made myself an oreo crust ice cream cake from scratch with a homemade fudge sauce all this is for my birthday tomorrow (or since I am posting so late it would be today 😛😛) but was really good with keeping my hands out of the cookie jar yay! NSV for sure, that never happens to me. I will be ok with what the scale says tomorrow, even if it isn't my goal and I will be ok with not reaching my goal for this Round. Tomrrow I am looking to give myself a mental rest and enjoy my birthday. I have worked hard and there will always be so many days afterwards to be more in control.

    🎂12/22🎂 142.4 today I will not be logging and will just enjoy my day 😃

    ☃️12/23🍭no weigh in...was too scared after the pizza and ice cream cake I made myself last night for my birthday. Here is to a better round next round

    Here we gooooooooooooooo 🏃‍♀️🕺
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    bye for now.
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    @deepwoodslady and @prehistoricmoongoddess thank you so much for the bday wishes!! Sorry it's late, first day back to reading over everything I missed. I hope your holidays were good!!

    Thank you abowersgirl. Those of us with December birthdays don't have it easy when it comes to this time of year! I hope it all went well.

    I spent 3 days with my son, then home for a day before 2 days with my daughter. I should have been going back to my daughter's house for New Year's day but she's not well.

    At least at home I won't be tempted to overeat and I can weigh all my food again.
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    Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday...if I missed replying to you it was because I'm still learning to navigate all these discussions - and this one moves quite fast.