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  • Murphey_21
    Murphey_21 Posts: 1 Member
    Good morning, my name is Brian and I am restarting my fitness journey also. I decided its time to make a change and get healthier. I am always looking for support and friends to keep me motivated along the way. Feel free to add me as a friend. I am excited to start over again and make better choices.
  • theworkoutreview
    theworkoutreview Posts: 24 Member
    Hi, will you be my friend?
  • auburneng1
    auburneng1 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi all - been on and off MFP for a few years. Looking to lean out a bit and have accountability with dieting. I work out 4-5 times a week and have trouble being consistent with clean dieting.

    I have had success with Intermittent Fasting and still do that to this day. I lost about 20 pounds of fat doing this and watching diet. Looking to get to about 12% body fat in the next 6 months.

    - Dusty
  • emilybalona
    emilybalona Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! I’m two months postpartum and am having a hard time loosing the last of the baby weight. I’m looking forward to meeting a community of support on here! Yay to all of us taking steps to better ourselves!
  • Hi my name is Michelle and I'm starting on my fitness journey after having a number of health scares in the past month.

    I've ignored the obvious many extra pounds piling on for way too long and I'm now tackling it head on.

    I would absolutely love to meet as many of you lovely peeps as possible along the way. Please feel free to add me.

    I wish you all absolute success in your personal journeys.

    Stay Safe - Stay Well

    Michelle xx
  • turbot1987sml
    turbot1987sml Posts: 2 Member
    I'm not really new but I haven't been on since 2015. Life gets in the way and can distract you from what goals you have set. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and have started struggling really bad with my goals and high blood sugars here the last several months. I can't wait to try to achieve my new goals this time.
  • Shellight
    Shellight Posts: 11 Member
    Hi I am a previous user and have come back. I am looking forward to using mfp to improve my health and fitness this coming year. Would love to have new support buddies if you want to add me too :)
  • WilnaRenee
    WilnaRenee Posts: 2 Member
    Good morning. I am just poking around MFP in an attempt to find a long term tracking app that I like. I am currently subscribed to Noom and I really enjoy the lessons, but I don't like that I can not add homemade recipes to my food log. That feature is what brought me to MFP to check things out. If I find articles / lessons similar to Nooms, this may be my be stomping ground.
  • ErraticW
    ErraticW Posts: 2 Member
    Hi all, new to MFP and looking forward to getting more into this
  • Hi! i'd like to re-introduce myself! I used to be very active on MFP back in 2014-15, it actually helped me lose 55lbs and change my life! since then I've gained a lot of it back I am still not to my original weight but...getting there. I'd like to re-start my weight loss journey and find supportive people/community on MFP where we can work on our goals together. If you'd like to join me/let me join you please send me a friend request. I'm excited! :smile: We got this.
  • Shellight wrote: »
    Hi I am a previous user and have come back. I am looking forward to using mfp to improve my health and fitness this coming year. Would love to have new support buddies if you want to add me too :)

    I'm in the same boat, I'll add you!
  • jessicatoon22
    jessicatoon22 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey from the UK, I'm 5"3 9half stone trying to gain muscle increase stamina and all round health, let's see how it goes tracking my calories
  • AHAWKE456
    AHAWKE456 Posts: 1 Member
    Good morning, I am new to this I used the app once about 11 years ago and it helped me lose about 40lbs. FIgured Id try it out again as I have a much larger goal of 70lbs at this point. Im open to following anyone(still learning how to do so, so feel free to give me a follow). I would love some accountability and support and to give the same :)
  • Goal200_Matt
    Goal200_Matt Posts: 8 Member
    Approaching 50 & time to make some positive life changes. Intending to use this app for personal accountability.
  • Benjago_Cr0we
    Benjago_Cr0we Posts: 2 Member
    Hey guys. Have briefly tried this app before but here again and want to commit. 41 years old and wanting to lose 100 lbs. Some company along the way would be nice.
  • sailoreevee03
    sailoreevee03 Posts: 6 Member
    Always open to make new motivational friends
  • Care4rare
    Care4rare Posts: 32 Member
    Hey, you look good in shape and in order to gain muscle and stamina work hard on compound movements
  • avtlove
    avtlove Posts: 82 Member
    New here, AGAIN. I've recommitted. Feel like a loser being back here after I was so sure the last time I was on here (about a year ago) would be THE time that my life changed. But, alas, I guess i didn't learn whatever it was I was supposed to learn because I never lost the weight. This time focused on tracking food and habit changes. Also, started Pilates. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. First time in my life i've loved any type of workout. Just wanted to post to make it official~ Here I go again!
  • balake420
    balake420 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m making what I believe is my 6th stint on this app. I’ve had great success in the past and hope to have some people along for the ride to help me out! Please feel free to add!
  • Queen_M11
    Queen_M11 Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me everyone xx