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  • Lynxes602
    Lynxes602 Posts: 22 Member
    Hi ! Back to MFP . Need to lose the weight. Have too many health issues and need to get healthier . If anyone is type 2 Diabetic and has tips/tricks i'm very interested to hear them. :)

    Hi, I have been looking for a diabetic grp on MFP but have only found inactive ones. Maybe, I should open my own group?! LOL... I'm newly diagnosed with T1D but could use some helpful tips as well.

  • LeslieKimberly55
    LeslieKimberly55 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, send me a friend if you can see this I need friends
  • Burn_Stellar
    Burn_Stellar Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone, I named Sebastián and I'm spanish and I can't speak very well the English, but hello i start on the fitness life
  • BIGbUrJe
    BIGbUrJe Posts: 1 Member
    Hello MFP people. It’s my first time back on the app for a very long time.
    Having somewhat fallen off the fitness wagon during the pandemic I’m here for a little motivation/inspiration to help climb back on, and hopefully return the favour as well. I’m still in reasonable shape, but could do with shedding a few of those pesky covid kilos that just won’t budge, as well as improve my overall fitness.
    I’m also currently at university studying health and nutrition. I am very passionate about healthy eating and love to talk shop, so I f anyone out there is likeminded or wants some advice, please feel free to add me.
  • thefirelily
    thefirelily Posts: 1 Member
    Been away from the app for a while and I’m just starting using it again daily. Add me if you would like!
  • RoseMarie713
    RoseMarie713 Posts: 12 Member
    Hello. I’m looking for some friends to help with accountability and motivation. I’ve been recommitted and logged all on May but I want to keep with it for June. I could really use some friends. Please add me. 48 female, 1300 cal, low carb wanting to lose 50+ , Latina, Texas
  • laujalexus
    laujalexus Posts: 1 Member
    hi! my name is alexus and I am starting a new fitness journey :)
  • 84mhf6dvzj
    84mhf6dvzj Posts: 2 Member
    Hey. New to MFP!! I’m 37 year old female. Hear to have a healthier lifestyle and stay consistent. I’m working towards gaining weight and muscle. I would love to make friends so we can help motivate each other. I’m totally up for the challenge.
  • 777_spiritfitness_777
    777_spiritfitness_777 Posts: 15 Member
    SJF_60 wrote: »
    Hi All!

    Not really new here, but here with a new attitude!

    I'm tired of all the "eat this and lose 50 lbs" or "join this plan and all the fat will melt away". Nope, this time it's eat properly, and move my body everyday, in some mannner.

    I have a desk job so I need to try to get in some activity at some point, but it's summer almost and that should help.

    I've booked our holiday for Dec and want to be comfortable in my clothes. I don't want to spend all holiday worrying that I need to cover my tymmy or my thighs jiggle. I know that I wont be at my goal by then, but I will be well on my way. I'm thinking 85 pounds will put me in a great zone. I don't want to be skinny but I do want to be lean and strong! And at 60 y/o I want to be in a heatlhy place. So if it takes a year to get there safely and my health is improved (not that its bad but let's not tempt fate) I'm fine with that...as long as I'm losing I can live with a slower pace.

    Cheers all and let's get losing!

    I'd love to connect with you. I'm looking to more comfortable too... I'm on track to be lean and strong. Let's connect.
  • fallloo
    fallloo Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Challengers
  • KristaLeeAZ
    KristaLeeAZ Posts: 2 Member
    Hey all! I had gastric bypass in 2015 and have regained about 50 lbs. The past few years have been tough but I’m in a good headspace now and ready to regain control. I’d love to make new friends here and be apart of helping motivate others. Feel free to add me 😃
  • randilyn0923
    randilyn0923 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, I'm Randi and I live in San Antonio. I've been doing WW for awhile and just need a change. I want to have more food freedom without obsessing...which has always been hard for me.

    Hoping to connect with others!
  • money1610
    money1610 Posts: 1 Member
    edited June 2022
    Hello, I am technically not "new" to mfp but returning! A lot has happened in the last couple years (multiple family deaths including my mom & sister, job loss after 10 yrs due to covid, and my husband became disabled/no longer able to work due to a car accident) and I got distracted with my weight loss efforts but now I am ready to get back on track and reach my goals!!! I still thank God for being awesome and keeping my mental health in tact!!
  • ChickosaurasRex
    ChickosaurasRex Posts: 2 Member
    HELLO !! :)
  • leilanikzad20
    leilanikzad20 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone, this is Leila. I have just joined.
    Let's continue this #losing_weight journey together.
  • SuperJennGirl
    SuperJennGirl Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, my name is Jennie. I really need to nip losing weight in the bud.
  • zinwonderful
    zinwonderful Posts: 3 Member
    MFP was started in 2016, then off, and went to another paid program. I only choose to use these programs as a support. Having lost 40 pounds I too have yo-yo'd depending on the stressors in life. I realigned my reasons to get healthy: avoid pharmaceuticals, ease the impact on joints, improve walking and balance, feel emotionally better. I started at 189.0 lbs. and now have plateaued at 150 to 155 depending on life stressors: Migrated to MFP for maintenance but I feel like 140 to 145 would suit my 5'3" medium frame better. As a second new start to MFP, I do know "do not give up on yourself." It is difficult to get healthy, given all of the inputs and information we need to process, not to mention influences that side track and de-rail the best intentions: It is a mental game and I plan on winning.
  • djr2756
    djr2756 Posts: 29 Member
    Had my annual physical today and went over my lab results. The good news is I do not have diabetes! However, I did have warning flags on glucose, cholesterol and sodium chloride. I can control and lower these levels with a healthy diet and more exercise.
    I am so glad I joined this group and am seriously making changes to ensure healthier life! BTW I am 71 yrs old.
  • tarabolerjack3722
    tarabolerjack3722 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi I am Tara . I am just getting started now I have to figure out what to eat and stick to it
  • Jentle122
    Jentle122 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I’m Elle. I recently learned to cope with my trauma and now I’m here trying to take better care of my body. Happy to start on this journey with everyone!!