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  • CatSiena
    CatSiena Posts: 5 Member
    Hi ~ getting back on the fitness journey. After working with a trainer and another defined program, it's time for me to be responsible for choosing healthy way of living! One challenge for me is staying motivated. How about you?
  • DazElleNyxAna
    DazElleNyxAna Posts: 1 Member
    I am new to this. A group of friends recommended it to me so I want to give a try. I am nervous and happy at the same time of that is possible.
  • Phverica1
    Phverica1 Posts: 8 Member
    Hello everyone! I am back at it again and hoping to do it right this time. I met with a registered dietician who will hopefully help me learn to have a healthy relationship with food. I am 51 and overweight, need to lose 40 lbs and am looking for community support as it has become increasingly difficult. I do also find it difficult to navigate posting but am going to give it a go. Anyone want to help motivate and keep each other accountable?
  • Salemcj2727
    Salemcj2727 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone! I’m starting on a journey to lose 70 pounds and think the advice and support here will be helpful.
  • hellsbells164
    hellsbells164 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello! Just turned 48 and have decided the best present I can give myself for my 50th is to lose 70lbs. Hoping that community support will help me through and inspire me during the challenging times.
  • JPeatscookies
    JPeatscookies Posts: 2 Member
    Hello everyone! Last year I lost 60 lbs with needing to lose much more, but it’s slowly creeping back on. I’m in my mid 50’s so this is going to be a slow process. I was exercising but I just broke my ankle, so I need to concentrate on healthy meals and food prep ideas.
  • DeniseWilson43
    DeniseWilson43 Posts: 87 Member
    I been On this site for 4 yrs seen so many come an go. Always looking for friends in this site encourage each other end day we all need that. My thing is under DeniseWilson43 have a great one
  • jamiepb81
    jamiepb81 Posts: 3 Member
    Time get fit again feel free to add me.
  • SarahJoyManea
    SarahJoyManea Posts: 23 Member
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    My name is Sarah-Joy, I'm 31 and now weigh over 200lbs! Not sure how positive I am feeling today - but I really want to get on track. I am now at my heaviest weight again. And feeling it too. I can't stay like this as my mental health really suffers. It's time to find a way back towards positivity. Any support or help would be amazing. Thanks all
  • DadVof3
    DadVof3 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone--my name if Felix, and I've been a sometimes member here since last fall. I did WW last year and lost ~45#, but I just did not find the program sustainable, and ended up gaining about 15# back over the winter. I'm doing Noom now as well, but frankly not feeling it (no loss in 6 weeks). I'm hoping to get back to MFP and see if I can build a small community of friends to help me stay accountable (which is what I did like about WW).
  • Sherwanis
    Sherwanis Posts: 1 Member
    Anyone ever had an ACL surgery? I just had it yesterday and joining the community to talk about care plan, using collagen and/or other supplements and getting back on my feet as quick as possible!
    Also while I'm recovering and having lots of time on my hands, I love having deep and meaningful conversations.
    Literally any topics that make you consider the bigger picture of life work for me, including but not limited to: Spirituality, meditation, mentoring young people, charity projects, tech for good, coaching and NLP and general positive thinking/personal development concepts.
    Hit me up!
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
    Mikeruns2021donotaddme Posts: 135 Member
    I’m on here looking for 5-10 consistent members to have as friends who are motivated and active. Not liking for a large group of people. Just consistent, hard working people looking to take on challenging one day at a time. I’m a semi serious runner looking to run a 2:25 marathon. Looking to get stronger and be stronger then excuses I’ve used in the past.

    *sorry about my username, I can’t change it.
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
    Mikeruns2021donotaddme Posts: 135 Member
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  • ddghike
    ddghike Posts: 2 Member
    I am new here 1 week. I had an appendectomy about a week ago and so this initiated my motivation to change. I was having problems getting admitted to the community, but now it works. Doing well so far.
  • HeresDan
    HeresDan Posts: 7 Member
    hey everyone, hope you are all having a great day. lets all hit our goals, help those who need that little motivation and remember there is a reason we are here but most importantly HAVE FUN doing what we do. lets all help eachother hit our goals. ADD ME
  • rozz896
    rozz896 Posts: 1 Member
    In my 30 day trial. Trying to see if paying for the ap is worth it. I have been feeling very depressed lately and falling back into negative thinking patterns. Time to turn to my confident self.
  • annieliz1965
    annieliz1965 Posts: 1 Member
    Just saying hi to you all. I'm a 57 year old woman, menopausal, or possibly now post-menopausal although the hot flushes continue to an extent. Absolutely no motivation to do anything about my expanding waist-line which I hate, so am hoping that this platform might help.
  • Crazy! I was on here about three years ago on my weigh loss journey. I’ve come back to track macros for bodybuilding. 🤟 Add me 😀
  • bunniibb
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    Need all the motivation & inspiration✨️
    I just joined about a week ago.. add me!! Let's be friends 🤗
  • Crazy! I was on here about three years ago on my weigh loss journey. I’ve come back to track macros for bodybuilding. 🤟 Add me 😀