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Would you eat cricket protein?



  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Posts: 11,472Member Member Posts: 11,472Member Member
    When I was teaching TKD, my Master invited me to his wedding. Korean wedding. After the wedding, the men all retired to a Korean Bar around the corner. It was very dark and the drinks just kept coming. And they kept bringing these very crunchy snacks. Turned out to be assorted bugs. Crickets included.
  • nathalier71nathalier71 Posts: 597Member Member Posts: 597Member Member
    It's actually not that bad - I bought a bag of cricket powder at the grocery store -for the days I don't get enough protein - I sometimes will put in with my cereal -you don't taste it when you mix it with something.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 933Member Member Posts: 933Member Member
    I just rewatched the Top Chef Masters episode where the quickfire competition was bug-based. Cricket was one of the dishes (and far from the most unappealing).
  • youcantflexcardioyoucantflexcardio Posts: 347Member, Premium Member Posts: 347Member, Premium Member
  • Keep_on_cardioKeep_on_cardio Posts: 1,363Member Member Posts: 1,363Member Member
    I’m envisioning how I scream, when I see a cockroach and so my mind is telling me,,,,,, I WOULD NOT 😱😱😱🤢 Eww
  • mg07030mg07030 Posts: 541Member, Premium Member Posts: 541Member, Premium Member
    I’m now seeing cricket protein everywhere .....I’m surprised more people haven’t chimed in on MFP to say that they have tried it. I saw cricket fuel today. High in vitamin b12. 🤔
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  • dsbooheaddsboohead Posts: 1,715Member Member Posts: 1,715Member Member
    Nope I could not! 🤮
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