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Mini Challenge: 10lbs down by Valentines Day? <3



  • EliseTK1EliseTK1 Member Posts: 345 Member Member Posts: 345 Member
    SW 11/12/18 179.4 lbs
    1/5/18 169.4 lbs
    1/18/19 166.8 lbs
    2/2/19 166.2 lbs
    GW for Valentine's Day: 164 lbs


    Final Weight 2/14/19: 165 lbs

    Soooo close!! But hey, that's great progress. Slow weight loss = greater chance of it being permanent. Plus I had a few social evenings these last few weeks that were totally worth it. 😜

    Of course I would hit 164 lbs today, the day AFTER Valentine's Day. 😂 So happy though!
  • meeper123meeper123 Member Posts: 3,358 Member Member Posts: 3,358 Member
    Congratulations everyone even if you didn't hit exactly 10lbs even if you lost 1 you are doing great!
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Member Posts: 3,533 Member Member Posts: 3,533 Member
    Thanks, @brittlb07 , for starting a 10 pounds by Easter mini-challenge!

    Here's the link, everyone!

    Keep hoppin' down the Bunny Trail!
  • merekinsmerekins Member Posts: 227 Member Member Posts: 227 Member
    SW: 195
    1/9: 191
    1/15: 189.2
    1/23: 185.2
    1/30: 184
    2/14: 178.4
    Challenge Goal: 185
    New Challenge Goal: 182
  • achagparachagpar Member Posts: 340 Member Member Posts: 340 Member
    Well my goal was 126.6 by Valentine’s Day... I got down to 121, but then gained back and ended at 125.2. I know my problem... travel. It’s harder to plan, to eat what you know (instead of what’s there), to eat when and how much you want (instead of what everyone else is doing), harder to get to the gym (when you love Zumba instead of regular machines and when other people create your schedule instead of your own), and harder to track... but it’s a new day today and I’m grateful for the 1.2 lbs I lost. I need to simply redouble my focus and commitment and get back on track. Slowly but surely I can do this... my ultimate goal is 117. I’d love to get there as soon as possible but if it takes me awhile, I’ll be ok as long as I keep trying and trending overall in the right direction. More travel this week (ugh!). Wish me luck!
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