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90 lbs today!



  • wanderingarcherwanderingarcher Member Posts: 694 Member Member Posts: 694 Member
    nowine4me wrote: »
    Outstanding. FYI, I look pretty similar to you and my abs started to pop at 20%( you know, the week before you go on vacation to the carribean ). It didn’t last, but made for some great vacation photos. Back up to 24% now. It was essentially the difference between 133 and 123 (I’m 5-7”) that made the difference
    Thanks! That’s encouraging. I was thinking another ten pounds would be about right.
    Is it difficult to maintain at 20%?
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  • TheDogAteMyDietTheDogAteMyDiet Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    You are a freakin' ROCKSTAR! Way to go! You look amazing and should be so proud of all of your hard work!
  • maureenkhildemaureenkhilde Member Posts: 850 Member Member Posts: 850 Member
    You look great you really do. And also giving that honest insight about the excess skin. I know I will have as my goal is to lose the extra human being 133 of pounds I have been carrying around. I figure better the loose skin, than the poundage. But you are so inspiring,
  • mikepierce55mikepierce55 Member, Premium Posts: 10 Member Member, Premium Posts: 10 Member
  • KishJijTinKishJijTin Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    Amazing , congratulations on the great work.
  • Yellowstone1983Yellowstone1983 Member Posts: 131 Member Member Posts: 131 Member
    That is INCREDIBLE! Congratulations!
  • IamsimpleguyIamsimpleguy Member Posts: 1,564 Member Member Posts: 1,564 Member
    Congrats!! Great Efforts :)
  • Hammy5858Hammy5858 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    Amazing transformation!!
  • pogiguy05pogiguy05 Member Posts: 1,583 Member Member Posts: 1,583 Member
    Great work and you are almost there. keep pushing thru
  • 120poundstogo120poundstogo Member Posts: 700 Member Member Posts: 700 Member
    Great job!!
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