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Postpartum Weight loss Success Stories?!



  • melancholyjenmelancholyjen Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
    I'm 4 months post postpartum with my first, and I am 35. I was about 145 when I found out I was pregnant. I ran and lifted until I was 35 weeks when my body said "nah, baby nah..." and started walking. I was about 171 when I gave birth. I'm about 148 now - I'd love to get back down to 135, I haven't seen that in years, but I'd rather just get some of the squishy places less squishy. It takes time, you'll get there. Keep on going, allow yourself setbacks and remember you just had a tiny little person come out of you! Give yourself a break.
  • thinbybdaythinbybday Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    It took me 15 years to lose the baby weight. You’re doing fine.
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