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    @milktruckd you can get back to the 100s today! have a good day!

    Thanks @mamarh !!! It was a good day today. I hope it shows on the scale tomorrow. Even if it doesn't, still a good day. I hope you had a great one!
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    In late!

    Woman, Age 47, 5'6", Celiac disease
    OSW: 252

    Round 64 SW: 217.2

    1/7—217.2—Hello friends and friends-I-haven't-met-yet! I hope everyone had some break time. I had some vacation days, some lounging about days, and some recharging my batteries for 2019 days. I'm starting this round at almost the same as my start weight for round 62, which pleases me.

    1/8—219—Digestive whammy. I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm continuing on my quest to be able to do 100 pushups by the end of 2019. When I started, I could do 4. Now I can do 20! The program I'm using requires me to hit certain goals before I can move on to the next level, and I need to get to 31 before I can move on. In the meantime, I'm repeating week 4 a few million times. :lol:

    1/9—221—Yikes! Okay, I know I ate some gluten free puff pastry treats last night, but this amount of water retention is insane. There is obviously pufferfish in my family tree. :)

    There is a pushup challenge on here that I am trying to be a regular part of: 2019 Pushup and Sit-Up Challenge! Set your own Goals!
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    Hi everyone! I always have success in this group but totally ruin everything once I stop 😑 so anyway, I’m back! Debating trying 16:8 fasting- is anyone doing that while still eating semi-normal without having to meal prep? Is it working for you?? Thanks!

    Hi. I am doing the IF. Too soon to tell if it is working. I also changed my type of foods I eat dramatically (but normal) at the same time, yikes!