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    @amfmmama You posted a loss this morning, but didn't give a report on your first day of boot camp. Inquiring minds want to know! How was it?

    Sorry for the delay! It was great! I was totally sore the next day, in a good way. I didn't feel overwhelmed, but still felt challenged. Glad I joined. The program in boot camp on Sunday, and then 2 kickboxing classes during the week. I will go to my second kickboxing class tonight.
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    WOW! 72 unread messages. I’ll post comments after each page.

    @cdavisdeva I am the same way with coffee - it doesn’t keep me awake and sometimes I think it relaxes me so I can go to sleep.

    @sdelpapa I roughly follow a 16:8 IF although I have my first cup of coffee with added ingredients, coconut oil and collagen, so it isn’t truly a fast. We eat one meal a day, around 4, on occasion I have a snack in the evening, last night it was 5g of pork rinds and 20g of Walmart guacamole. Just enough to satisfy the desire for crunch.
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    @fraukazi One thing I learned many years ago was that if I am trying to lose weight, my rewards should be non-food items. Perhaps a magazine or Knick knack you have been considering. Just my thought.

    @TerriRichardson112 Is your 1/10 weight correct?

    @GrandmaJackie Thank you for posting Round 65!