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    Hi you can search for beginner bodyfit videos by Amy on youtube

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    Hi guys! I know we are a small group but I like it because I am able to follow your journeys closely.

    Whatever little changes we are making is a big win.

    I think key is to stay consistent, I am not a big exercise person but mostly what I have done in last 3 weeks is change my snacking habits and calorie control.

    I also found a short YouTube video to workout atleast 2-3 days a week. It’s just a beginner video.

    I just wanted to share what I am doing and also getting success with.

    Would love to hear what is working for each of you 💕💕

    @momzie2016 If you could share a link to the beginner video I would love to take a look at it. I have recently started dancing wildly with lots of arm movement around my livingroom. I try to get 30 minutes or more of dance in a day. I've got to get my weight back down to pre-holiday weight! I got an Amazon Echo dot for Christmas & I have prime so I can request nearly any individual song I like. However, I would still like to see the video or any others that you think may help.

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    If anyone wants to continue their journey, I have created a February challenge. Feel free to join me. Thanks !
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    My name is Donna. I am 58 years young, 5’ 5” tall and from the Midwest.

    I will also be weighing on the 1st and last day of the month for a full monthly account.

    Original starting weight – 253.0
    January starting weight – 185.5
    January goal – 177.5
    Ultimate goal – 145.0

    January 01 - 185.5
    January 02 - 185.5 (a bit of a plateau for days now)
    January 09 - 183.6 starting to lose the Christmas & New Year overages!
    January 16 - 186.2 Way back up due to emergencies unraveling. Fast food because of time constraints involved. Eating emotions because of turmoil. Increasing exercise and planning to do my best to stay on track this week. It will be very difficult but I must try my best to mitigate the damage. This turmoil will likely take weeks to resolve. Uggg. Trying hard here.
    January 23 – 187.1 Still resolving personal & business problems. Stress & emotional eating continues but I feel a bit stronger today & I’m going to try hard to stay on track. I will be aerobic dancing today to try to jumpstart the process.
    January 30 – 184.8 Dancing my little heart out & it’s helping. I am now under my starting weight but I am traveling today so tomorrows weigh-in will be a temporary bloat so I’m ending it here with everyone else. See you all in February.

    Total loss for January - Total Loss 0.7 lbs.

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    January goal- 136

    January 2nd - 143.6
    January 9th - 142.2 (lost 1.4 lbs)
    January 16th - 140.8 (lost 1.4 lbs)
    January 23rd - 139.6 (lost 1.2 lbs)
    January 30th - 139 (lost 0.6)

    Total loss for the month 4.6 lbs

    The last week basically didn’t excercise regularly and had few cheat meals.

    Thanks for creating this challenge. Onto my next one.

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    Original starting weight - 82.1kg / 180.9lbs
    January starting weight - 82.1 / 180.9
    January goal - 78 / 171.9
    Ultimate goal - 70 / 154.3

    Jan 2 - 82.1 / 180.9
    Jan 9 - 80.2 / 176.8
    Jan 16 - 79.3 / 174.8
    Jan 23 - Didn't weigh this week
    Jan 31 - 78.4 / 172.8

    January loss 3.7kg / 8.1lbs
    Didn't quite make my goal. Short by 0.4kg / 0.9lbs

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    Usually a running challenge has a link to the new (month) challenge a couple of days before the end of the last (month) challenge. I never seem to be able to find these monthly challenges easily. Please help with a link. Thanks a bunch!