Men & Women in their 50s starting anew in 2019!



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    I'm in!!!
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    Beowolf95 wrote: »
    So, starting tomorrow I'm going with a small scale nuclear strike to boost my metabolism. Not going to use the full nuclear option just yet. No alcohol, move to black coffee, and even though I eat a good diet I'm going to go even cleaner by eliminating most carbs, but not hyper clean just yet though. If I don't see the results I want, then I will go the hyper clean option for a week to ten days, which is basically no refined sugars, carbs, breads or grains. I have done that before and it worked tremendously but it was also very stark and hard to follow for more than 10 days. It was all steamed veggies and grilled chicken, fish, or turkey with no red meat, the only dairy was plain greek yogurt, black coffee, green tea, and water only.

    I didn't know eating like this changed the metabolism?? I'm starting this a little modified. Keep me posted on how it goes!!
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    Hi, that nuclear thing sounds a lot like 6 wk body makeover plan. I did that about 8 years ago. It worked great. I reached my goal, but when I finished, gained it all back. I decided that wasn't for me. I need to eat normally so my weight loss is sustainable. I decided to eat cleaner, watch portions and get moving. The weight loss is slow, but I feel great and more confident.
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    54 and just restarted MyFitnessPal in April this year. 3 pounds down since I started last month. +5.5 lbs put on over Mother's Day weekend, but gonna go hard from here on out! Let's do this!
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    Welcome to all the newbies! :)
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    So, I've been a little lax in completing my diary the past couple of days, and my clean(er) eating was postponed as well. But on track today and will complete my diary. So far after everything has been planned out I'm about650 calories under my 1800 intake. Will boost with an apple and some natural peanut better to get closer to my mark. Weather is nicer today so instead of walking the parking garage and freezing like yesterday, I'll get to take my normal outside walk of 1.5 miles during lunch and enjoy some sun and natural Vitamin D!
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    So, a little over two weeks since I "started" my long term health and fitness plan, I have to say I'm underwhelmed in my lack of commitment to making change. One thing I've noticed, at least with myself, is that since I turned 50 a few years ago I seem to be more resistant to breaking comfortable patterns and behaviours. Of course this is all just a state of mind, and while there may be outside factors that help enforce it, I have to admit it is all too easy to find a reason (excuse) to take the easy way out and repeat the mantra, "I'll do better tomorrow". This doesn't deter me from starting the day with the best intentions, and yes, I have been "better" for lack of a better word, but it's the full followthrough for the day that I need to work on because it is the evening when the train derails.
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    Hi I'm Thomas from Surrey BC. I turn 53 this year, but in 2015 my relationship dissolved and I'm currently working on a new life...soon to be ex! (Thank the universe!) I spent the better part of 2016 feeling crappy for myself, grieving the loss of the marriage. In 2017 I left Salt Spring Island BC and returned to Vancouver, where I took a new job, began eating a Plant Based whole food diet and took up kick boxing! Over the past year I've lost a few pounds but more importantly, I've lost body fat! I'm lucky that I'm more or less in the right weight, but just want to get that body fat down and lean muscle up! I've been on MFP for the past couple of years and everyone on this board has been super inspiring! I've taken a short hiatus on the Kickboxing as I took a second job to pay for the lawyers to get the divorce..sadly we're unable to work together and come to a mutual agreement! Feel free to add me as a friend. I'm still not sure how to do that in MFP...
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    Just signed up for a 4 week transformation session with a local facility here. Even though I have all the equipment at home, and have a solid knowledge of training and diet I felt that I needed this step to kick start me in the right direction. I haven't worked with anyone before, except for a brief period about 4 years ago, so I'm looking forward to some additional guidance. It will also help re-establish the pattern of working out on a consistent basis 3-4 days a week on a higher intensity level to go along with my daily lunch time walks.
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    I was away from MFP for a long time. Had some bad life moments which translated to a big weight gain. Feel like I just woke up and got a look at the damage I caused myself. So.....put my Fitbit back on, joined a gym, started logging and, although only day 3.....I'm feeling better already! I'd love some company on this journey. I've friended you all, thanks for accepting. Let's do this!

    Im in the exact same 'Boat'......just 4 months behind you in recognizing the damage done