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Do you drink coffee? Why or why not?



  • eatpolerepeateatpolerepeat Posts: 10,439Member Member Posts: 10,439Member Member
    I have to, it keeps me sane
  • AetheldredaAetheldreda Posts: 221Member Member Posts: 221Member Member
    I rarely drink coffee at the moment.
    When I do drink it I like it very milky and with added sugar (otherwise I find it unbearably bitter). So at the moment I just drink tea instead because (and only because) I can tolerate it without sugar.
    The one exception at the moment with coffee is that I rather like the flavoured latte's that Nescafe do in little sachets.....particularly the Gingerbread and the Almond flavours. But I probably only have 2 a week.
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Posts: 2,372Member Member Posts: 2,372Member Member
    Coffee is cheaper than bail money... 4-5 cups per morning.
  • WJS_jeepsterWJS_jeepster Posts: 221Member Member Posts: 221Member Member
    just got to work and our coffee machine is broken. Whole day is ruined!

    Not really, I had to go down to the restaurant that's on the main floor of our building and pay and exorbitant $6 for a 16 oz Americano served to me by a hipster with a waxed mustache and lumberjack shirt.

    Also agree with the Charbucks comments above. I used to swim with a guy that worked in Starbucks corporate office and he said that's what they called it there. Ironically the last time I saw him I ran into him at a local coffee shop where he gets his coffee instead of using his employee discount.
  • Fkika3131Fkika3131 Posts: 208Member, Premium Member Posts: 208Member, Premium Member
    I drink it so I don’t go to prison for killing coworkers.

    I just had to laugh :smiley:
  • Fkika3131Fkika3131 Posts: 208Member, Premium Member Posts: 208Member, Premium Member
    Yes, I sure do drink coffee every day.
  • rachael_leesrachael_lees Posts: 62Member Member Posts: 62Member Member
    Love coffee. Love the smell. Love it hot or freezing cold!
    Normally tend to just have one cup in the morning or the odd coffee from costa/Starbucks if am out and about. BUT when at work (3 days) to get away from my desk/boredom can have 3-5 cups which I need to stop because need 2 sugars each time 😭 always have mints/chewing gum at work 👍🏻
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  • iluvcake2012iluvcake2012 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I don’t drink coffee, it makes me very sick. I also don’t drink any colored sodas 😉
  • no1racefan1no1racefan1 Posts: 277Member, Premium Member Posts: 277Member, Premium Member
    No, because it's one of the most vile tasting things on the planet! I like the smell of coffee grounds though.
  • StargazerBStargazerB Posts: 329Member Member Posts: 329Member Member
    Love it. I drink 2-5 cups a day.
  • RunnerGirl238RunnerGirl238 Posts: 400Member Member Posts: 400Member Member
    Give me all the coffee. Except Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. That's just brown water. The stronger the better.
  • Running2FitRunning2Fit Posts: 704Member Member Posts: 704Member Member
    Almost every morning! I like a cup in the morning to start my day. I actually don’t feel like I need the caffeine that much, I just find it a delicious way to start the day.

    Iced coffee in the summer is my absolute favorite!
  • saresimsr36saresimsr36 Posts: 128Member Member Posts: 128Member Member
    Coffee is my go to. I drink at least 5 cups per day with a little milk and half a sugar. Love it. Like many here, I too dont get enough sleep so it's my liquid gold.
  • IAmTheGlueIAmTheGlue Posts: 314Member Member Posts: 314Member Member
    I drink an entire pot of coffee a day. I drink it with almond milk and Splenda. I started drinking it a little over a year ago at the advice of my dr because coffee is protective of the liver and my own body is attacking my liver. I started off forcing it down because of being an adult and needing to do it but now I've gotten used to it and like it. There is a huge difference between brands so you just have to try different ones until you find a good one you like.
  • suziecue25suziecue25 Posts: 289Member Member Posts: 289Member Member
    There's coffee and then there's 'to die for' coffee. My 'to die for' coffees are the ones I have had in France and The Dutch friends make the best coffee ever ...... I drool as I type!.....the instant coffee I'm drinking at the moment is just ok. I don't like Latte, mocha or other expensive high street outlet coffees. I have to have about 4/5 coffees a day to stay sane.
  • caroline7640caroline7640 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Coffee reminds me of a new day with new beginning. I drink it as a ceremony to start my day.
  • kam26001kam26001 Posts: 2,799Member Member Posts: 2,799Member Member
    I can't be near people who are holding a cup of coffee (without a lid). The smell is that off-putting to me. I need therapy.
  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Posts: 738Member Member Posts: 738Member Member
    Don't drink it. Had it once couldn't stand it. I'd say it tastes like *kitten* but I've never eaten *kitten* so can't be sure :)
  • GrnhouseGrnhouse Posts: 262Member Member Posts: 262Member Member
    I live for it every morning.
  • JessAndreiaJessAndreia Posts: 311Member Member Posts: 311Member Member
    I drink espresso 2-3 times a day. Ocasionally 4. I like the taste.
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