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Apple Watch problems



  • iSneakersiSneakers Member, Premium Posts: 90 Member Member, Premium Posts: 90 Member
    Vicki66C wrote: »
    Mine was working for about 6 weeks and no longer is syncing. I have not changed my settings and workouts are selected as allowed. This is quite annoying

    Unfortunately not all activities done with the Apple Watch will sync with MFP. Those that don’t will have to be entered manually. For a list of activities that will and will not sync with MFP see this link:
  • GBO323GBO323 Member Posts: 339 Member Member Posts: 339 Member
    Ladies and Gents, this is the reason I switched to a different app/ecosystem. I was on MFP for almost 8 years. With the FitBit up and down syncing issues(but was great when it worked) and me going all iOS+Apple Watch, it was painful to realize the MFP doesn't "really" fully support or engage with the Apple Watch to full extent. While I'm not here to promote a different app, I would want to save you frustration and get you to the point I got in realizing that MFP isn't tapping into Apple Watch's potential and support will only dangle STEP tracking and activity burn as a qualifiable reason to say Apple Watch is supported.

    Hope this helps.
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