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Apple Watch doesn’t sync like fitbit

drockncrissodrockncrisso Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
This is really frustrating. I have MFP on my Apple Watch and updated on my phone. I also have a Fitbit. All of my calorie goals, and personal info are set the same on both. I’ve been wearing both watches to get the Apple Watch figured out- but I’m frustrated that, while they both count the same number of steps- the Fitbit adjusts my calorie goal in a way that makes sense and my Apple Watch does not.
I’m attaching two pictures. These are from the same day, same time. I simply switched from Apple Watch to Fitbit. The one with 200+ calories is my Fitbit and the one that says I’m over by 15 cals, is my Apple Watch. The frustrating thing is that the Apple Watch, in the activity app DOES say that my total calories for the day is 1795 while Fitbit says I’m at why isn’t Apple Watch adjusting my calorie goal?? y4lpy91e39ar.png


  • phil19511phil19511 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    I don’t think that MFP has fully integrated the apple world. I too have switched to a more functional Apple Watch but I cannot graph the steps anymore. I feel that the watch with its acceleration and heart beat detection plus the steps would give you a more accurate calorie calculation than just a Fitbit. With music and built in GPS detection I don’t need the to take the phone on any of my walks anymore
  • ashivncashivnc Posts: 22Member, Premium Member Posts: 22Member, Premium Member
    I'm having the same problem and I don't get it!
  • Raine1201Raine1201 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    I am also noticing this issue. 😕
  • JMEEE21JMEEE21 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I’m having the same problem . I wish MFP would be more Apple friendly , since the watches are health/fitness based anyway..
  • iSneakersiSneakers Posts: 90Member, Premium Member Posts: 90Member, Premium Member
    Some Fitness sites do Active calories from the the Apple Watch which seems like a more accurate way of measuring overall daily activity than just the steps from the watch. MFP should be able to do this as well.
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  • totallunaseatotallunasea Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Frustrating! I don't understand. These do not match, right? I was hoping to see the actual calorie deficit from the watch in MFP. Is there an app that can do that? I like how MFP projects weight loss, but if it doesn't record the correct movement/exercise calories how could it possibly be accurate? It's cut off in the pic, but I have exactly 60 minutes of exercise. Am I supposed to manually add that to MFP?
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    MFP had to court Apple to do the work for the integration, then didn't want to for longest time (probably expecting Apple users will love what they were doing already) - but unlike all other activity trackers that report the full day burn (which obviously should include everything, hence total calories burned) - MFP either didn't tell Apple to correct what they sent, or did and Apple said nope, that's it, finished, live with it. (I'm betting the latter)

    MFP from user outcry kept it in the messed up state.

    Apple sends a daily calorie burn that is actually a base burn that can be close to sedentary on MFP - similar enough calc's to arrive at it.
    Apple sends the workouts. Like Garmin and a few others. This is optional and not all trackers do send that.
    Apple does NOT send the extra activity calorie burn above base burn that are not workouts.
    Apple does NOT send the total day calorie burn, as the API's are expecting.

    So the math gets totally thrown off.

    Since MFP is expecting the extra activity and workouts to be in the total daily burn - if it knows about a workout it has to remove it from the daily for the math it does to adjust.
    But in the case of Apple the daily really doesn't contain it.

    So the more active you are above base with no workouts, or the more workout calories you have - the worse the situation.

    There are a few apps that sync with Apple health that then also sync to MFP - the correct expected figures.
  • totallunaseatotallunasea Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Thank you for your reply. You explained the situation very well. I thought I might be doing something wrong. Hopefully they can integrate successfully in the near future. I had the garmin vivofit hr and it was a much better fitness tracker. Unfortunately I pressed one of the side buttons while in the pool and it died. I am a mac person so I decided to go with the apple watch in hopes of having better/more accurate integration. I guess I was wrong. Oh well.
  • macgurlnetmacgurlnet Posts: 1,946Member Member Posts: 1,946Member Member
    If you want the active calories to come over, get the Pacer app. Sync it with Apple Health and MFP and you’ll get a better number.

    I’m not sure if it’s accurate myself yet, but it’s certainly closer than what I get with a direct sync between Apple Health and MFP.

  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    Thank you, gotta remember the name Pacer. I think there's another that is similar.
  • proudjmmomproudjmmom Posts: 145Member Member Posts: 145Member Member
    Doing a MFP search and I came across this. I am also having this issue, and really at a loss at what I should be logging into MFP, since my Apple Watch doesn't want to sync Active Energy. Should I stick to just logging my actual workouts (the ones that are not automatically synced) or should I be including all active calories at the end of the day? I am not new to weight loss, or figuring out my deficit but this is really confusing. In the past I only logged workouts into MFP as exercise, the rest would be 'normal' daily activity. For example, today I did a workout and burned 285 calories, but my Apple Watch is saying I have 677cal of Active Energy. I am assuming 392 of those Active Calories, would be considered normal every day activity (outside my Resting Energy). Am I right to assume this, or should I actually log 677 calories into MFP?
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    2 methods - both require unsyncing.

    Use the Apple watch to get a better handle on your non-exercise activity level - and set MFP to closest, and log your workouts.

    Keep at sedentary, and log the workouts, and log like prior to dinner a workout called extra activity taken from the Active Energy. If after dinner you are sedentary - that figure won't change much.
    If you are - then you'll have to adjust that workout for the new calories there and have final snacks to the day.

    The math will still fail if you keep syncing.
  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    I expect I am being quite thick about this @heybales but why in your suggestion above re creating a “fake workout” do you need to unsync with Apple Watch? (I haven’t worked out how to quote a post and reply to it yet so it looks like everyone else’s when they do that!)
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  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    Because you are trying to correctly handle what they aren't doing right.

    So either method requires unsyncing, or MFP will keep doing math with numbers it thinks are correct but aren't.
  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Ok, so far today with Pacer (syncing with Apple Watch and MFP) it says I have burned 730 active calories and 1048 (current basal) giving 1778 total.
    Apple Watch says 479 active cals and 1501 total.
    I did a workout which Apple Watch gave 252 active cals. MFP has changed that to 184 (negative calorie adjustment turned on) as it has taken away 68 based on my 5224 steps so far.
    So I’m not seeing Pacer give me the Active Calories that all other trackers seem to provide. I feel at a loss as to what to do now. My MFP activity setting is sedentary which I understand means it expects me to burn 2000 cals per day doing nothing. According to Apple I am not achieving that 2000 a lot of the time so it is taking calories away. And yet I am losing weight... I know I need to burn 1700 cals at least so I can eat 1200 and lost 1lb a week and I am starving, and really not sure what I am burning at all. Husband on the other hand is regularly getting adjustments of a few hundred!

    UPDATE: Doh.... I didn’t realise with the Pacer app I needed to choose that in MFP to track my steps. Now I have my active calories pulled over to MFP. However, my workout, recorded on my Apple Watch, has also been pulled over so 252 calories have been counted twice. Presumably I need to not sync AW workouts with MFP now then?
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  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Sorry, I realise the 479 active calories that AW was displaying are my “Move” calories and this don’t include the workout calories. This has been so complicated but I do hope that I now have something resembling what Fitbit does. Thanks to you all.
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    With that app it should be slightly better than Fitbit because the workouts are sent as their own, along with the daily burn.

    That can make it easy to see if a workout causes negative adjustment because you were less active outside the workout.

    Whereas combined like Fitbit shows the adjustment would merely be less than the workout in general.

  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Ok, next issue then. So I’ve got Pacer bringing over my active calories like the Fitbit. I am not eating anything near the extra calories it gives me. I’m only really eating around 100 more and that’s me eating 3 good meals and a couple of snacks and I feel comfortable with that amount of food.

    I am using AW to get total calories burned because Pacer doesn’t give that. I want to ensure I still have a 500 calorie deficit. The problem I now realise is that the amount of macros I’m allowed has increased in accordance with the increase in calories I have been given, even tho I am not eating all those extra calories. I’m not necessarily achieving those macro targets but say tonight for instance, I have actually only eaten 95 calories more than my daily goal but that has included 81g of fat (mainly all good fat from salmon, chicken, almond milk etc). However if I were on 1200 calories with no extra earned my target is half that fat. So for 95 extra calories eaten I have eaten double the fat allowance. This can’t be good?? Have I made a mistake bringing over all these extra calories?
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,979Member Member Posts: 16,979Member Member
    If you don't plan on using the tools when they work correctly, then yes that is a mistake.

    Pacer should be syncing your total daily burn over to MFP.

    Click on the Calorie Adjustment for more details and see when the sync was and what the total was.

    Does that not match what AW is saying total burned is?
  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Thanks for your reply. I can’t see anywhere in Pacer that tells me total calories burned for the day, just my active calories. The adjustment looks to be fine and matches, but I had thought somewhere in Pacer it actually said what the total was.

    I am typically burning around the 2000 mark and eating around 1300 so maintaining at least a 500 deficit. My concern is that whilst I am just not able to eat several hundred more calories than my daily goal (yesterday I was given 900 extra calories based on exercise as I hit 10000 steps and did a workout), if I did and my total calories was less than that I wouldn’t lose any weight. I hadn’t appreciated, probably because I’m clearly a bit stupid, that the macro goals would increase too, and I am going quite a bit over at least in fat, based on what I actually eat, and not what I am allowed to eat calories-wise. I had relied before on the wee red warning from MFP reminding me what my goals were if I went over. If I’m only eating 95 of the 900 extra it is allowing me, but going over by 20g in my fat, then clearly I have a problem. I was allowed to eat 2100 calories yesterday, but that would have matched my burn and so I would not lose weight if I continued like that. At best I could have eaten 1600 and I ate 1300, which I don’t think is unreasonable. I’m just having a problem thing in the macros too, because I am new to this, and obviously not understanding things in the way that you do. 😕
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