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Apple Watch doesn’t sync like fitbit



  • heybalesheybales Posts: 17,091Member Member Posts: 17,091Member Member
    View Pacer as merely a sync medium - you aren't using it on it's own for anything since you can look at the watch for activity related info, and MFP for eating related info.

    It merely allows MFP to adjust the eating level based on the activity level correctly.

    And bigger deficits isn't better.

    If you think the adjustment or total calories extra Apple is reporting is wrong - I'll say there is at least one totally wrong figure - and that's 0 (zero).

    Sedentary is probably wrong too for that matter as most discover. Sounds like from your steps.
    If the distance reported is wrong, then calories may indeed be wrong. But 20% inflated is better than 100% underestimated.

    So if 1300 is based on Sedentary setting - be very concerned your body is now happy with a massive deficit because it made adaptations.
    What happens when you lose weight and moving around less and burning less?
    Now how low do you have to eat to keep losing or to maintain weight if you reach that point?

    Goal is to eat as much as you can to still lose as reasonable rate for amount to go - not see how low you can go.
    Because the body will crash you into the ground if you attempt that and make things very interesting for success.
  • rennies_mumrennies_mum Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Thank you for your thoughts and explanations. I have a lot to figure out!
  • auburngirl06auburngirl06 Posts: 133Member Member Posts: 133Member Member
    @rennies_mum did you ever get this all worked out? I’ve been using pacer to sync with MFP for a couple weeks now bc of the Apple Watch issue. I’m not sure about the calorie adjustment and how accurate. Just curious if you’ve had success.
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