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Is it normal to feel a bit tired/fatigued every day??



  • hollyhomhollyhom Posts: 136Member Member Posts: 136Member Member
    Thanks. I'm going to pair down next week and see how I feel. Take it down to 4 days a week and maybe do a cardio-based on M, strength on T, rest or yoga Wed, strength Th and then cardio-based again on Friday. I'm definitely guilty of walking into a gym and feeling like I'm "wasting my time" if I haven't pushed myself to a sweaty, trembling mess after I walk out.
  • apullumapullum Posts: 3,001Member Member Posts: 3,001Member Member
    Your workouts and lack of recovery time could definitely be the issue. Whenever someone says they feel tired all the time, I also immediately think of sleep apnea. I'd try scaling back your workouts first, since that seems like the more obvious answer. But if you're often sleepy even though you think you slept well, especially if you've been told that you snore, it's worth getting checked out.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 36,169Member Member Posts: 36,169Member Member
    Going all out every workout is typically not a good training protocol. If you look at any good, structured program whether it's for weight training, cycling, running, will never see "all out" every training session.

    I'm a cyclist...I have about one ride per week that is a really vigorous, high intensity interval type of work or hill repeats kinda thing...most of my other rides during the week are a conversational pace 12-15 miles and then a longer 25-30 mile ride on the weekend. It's definitely not balls to the wall every ride.
  • BailTuckBailTuck Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    I used to work out like that in my 30's. Balls to the wall everyday. I was so tired and had little kids. I cut back to 3 days. I did full body workouts. Sometimes only 2 days. I found I looked better and lost some of the water weight I would hold onto due to stress.
  • StargazerBStargazerB Posts: 313Member Member Posts: 313Member Member
    It could be so many things. Definitely being a mom will make you drained. Do you have any vitamin deficiencies? My vit D level is low unless I consistently take my supplement. If I forget to take them for a while I notice more fatigue and a down mood. It's worth looking into.
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