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Virtual Ride (Zwift) Activities not properly imported from Garmin Connect

bramveenhofbramveenhof Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
Zwift activities ( are recorded in Garmin Connect as Virtual Rides and are only imported to MyFitnesspal as Calorie Compensation. Can you please import Virtual Rides like Indoor Rides as proper activities to the Calories are registered correctly?

Thanks for supporting me on getting to competition shape in winter


  • KerryHenessKerryHeness Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, Did you get this fixed? If yes, how? I'm tired of my hard earned rides coming up as steps :-(
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 17,604 Member Member Posts: 17,604 Member
    Hi, Did you get this fixed? If yes, how? I'm tired of my hard earned rides coming up as steps :-(

    Any activity that causes steps will cause the tracker to send a higher step count the next time it syncs.

    And that is all that is - a step figure, like glasses of water drank - not used in any math. Piece of text really.

    It's up to Garmin to select in the MFP list of workouts what it wants to send as a name with the figures of timestamp, duration, and calorie burn.
    Those workouts are in the METS public database.
    Garmin or Swift virtual rides are not. So there will never be a correcting mapping of names to show up.

    So does the virtual ride actually show up as a workout labeled as something generic?

    Or is there only the normal Garmin Adjustment by itself?

    If only the adjustment - that is totally on Garmin to send the workout over - and they must not be for whatever reason.
    In which case you need to go bark up the Garmin tree for a change of process.

    Only the Total Daily Burn figure is sent over that hopefully contains the extra calorie burn.
    And it sounds like the Step's figure the tracker saw from the ride - which is rarely accurate outside, probably not inside either.

    So no matter which issue - it's on Garmin as to what is sent.

    At least it's known the calories did count.

    Shoot - if you want your friend's list to be impressed with your workout - just make a more inspiring wall post than a single line would provide anyway. Describe what you did, don't even worry about entering a workout - it's already accounted for in your eating goal.
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