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Have you been both overweight and underweight?



  • AliciaHollywoodAliciaHollywood Member, Premium Posts: 97 Member Member, Premium Posts: 97 Member
    From age 9 to 13 I was kind of chubby and from 14 till now I’ve had periods of being really skinny and strangely NO ONE ever commented either way except one time my father said he thought I was getting too thin but in a concerned way, not in a disparaging way.

    I tend to carry extra weight in my stomach and can have totally skinny arms and legs and yet my stomach sticks out and there were a couple of times when strangers innocently asked if I was pregnant and I found that pretty devastating.

    I live in LA so really no matter how thin you are, there are going to be people thinner. I’ve never been dangerously too thin though, where you really need medical help. I’m guessing people would comment in a kind way if that were the case and try to get me help.
  • MFPUser73629MFPUser73629 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    Yup, a bit fat now but wrestled 103 through my Sr. Year in high school. Ran in trash bags before nearly every match. Only once bumped up to 112.
  • thakurhimanshi815thakurhimanshi815 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I was underweight but the problem is with my fat belly.
    Please suggest me how to reduce belly fat
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