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  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,727 Member Member Posts: 6,727 Member
    Well went to feed DFIL this morning and at least 8 residents have the stomach bug and he is one of them...they are keeping them in there rooms,got pedialyte down him but that's it.. good luck to them with keeping the rest of the residents safe..I doused myself in sanitizer but will go tomorrow to see if he is any better...
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,511 Member Member Posts: 1,511 Member
    Janet: Are there no other doctors in the practice that could give you a refill. Just wondering! :'(
  • janetr7476janetr7476 Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member
    1948Peachy wrote: »
    Janet: Are there no other doctors in the practice that could give you a refill. Just wondering! :'(

    Not without seeing me first they said.. I probably made the biggest scene I've ever made in my life. The I felt bad. Lol

    Janetr OKC
  • janetr7476janetr7476 Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member
    Karen i VA, true and really I don't sleep well with them anyway.

    Janetr OKC
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,243 Member Member Posts: 8,243 Member
    Karen: I am so sorry for the loss of your mother 18 years ago. :heart: :broken_heart: My mom has been gone a long time, too. I miss her wry sense of humor. :flowerforyou:

    Janetr OKC: I think it is very good that you’ll be seeing your doctor before getting your medicine refill. The doctor’s guidance could make a huge difference in your long-term health. I’m not very enthused about sleeping meds because of family history. My grandmother died with what is now known as Alzheimer’s disease. My mom always thought that sleeping pills were a big part of grandma’s memory loss. I don’t know if mom was right, but I think it is very likely. Of course, who knows what was in sleeping pills in the 1950’s & 60’s.

    Dana in Arkansas: Welcome back!!! :smiley:

    KJ: Sending good thoughts your way. I hope you’re able to get good sleep tonight so that your energy level is up to the demands of your challenging life. :flowerforyou:

    We’re having a quiet day at home. The snow is gone, but neither of us is a ball of energy or ambition. This must be a needed rest day.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • janetr7476janetr7476 Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member
    Katla, I just saw my doctor for this prescription two months ago. I go regularly.

    Janetr OKC
  • LisaInARLisaInAR Member Posts: 2,021 Member Member Posts: 2,021 Member
    Karen in VA - July 16 is 20 years my mother's been gone, and there are days that I wake up and find it impossible to believe the world just kept spinning without her on it.

    Dana - Good to see you posting again! You've been missed.

    Janet - Sometimes, we lose our cool. I hope you do find that silver lining. At most, sleeping pills of all kinds only work for four hours on me, and I seldom wake feeling rested. I can sleep on my own for four hours without them... and wake up feeling a heck of a lot better! But then, I only average about 5-1/2 to 6 hours anyway... so I'm kinda used to it.

    Achy and tired - had to drive into town and work there today to provide office coverage for someone on vacation, and it took more out of me than I'm willing to admit. Back home, doing better now, but pretty wiped out.

    Love y'all,
  • suebdewsuebdew Member Posts: 1,211 Member Member Posts: 1,211 Member
    Dana- so happy to see your post. Take care of you.
    Kelly-I am so sorry you are having a down time. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Janet- maybe it’s a good thing you can’t get the sleeping pills refilled. Try Kelly’s relaxation techniques.
    SueBDew in TX
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 18,868 Member Member Posts: 18,868 Member
    auntiebk wrote: »
    Wild night here. Land under highway north of town dropped 2 feet, crimping, cracking and separating the pavement.

    Fuel and food trucks cannot come through on the alternate, it's gravel and too narrow in places, and sliding too. Can't come in from the southeast, that road is snowy and closed. No fuel depots to the south and only ocean to the west. Got some of the last gas in town, all the stations are empty now. No milk in the grocery store. Fortunately most everyone has a good attitude, there hasn't been any price gouging or nasty behavior competing for the last of whatever. The isolation is good practice for the "big one" may that day be far off!

    That's scary!! :worried:

  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 18,868 Member Member Posts: 18,868 Member
    Machka9 wrote: »
    We went for a walk after work! It's been a little while since we've done that. This photo is a couple months old, but the beach is the same ... only the waves were a bit bigger today. :)


    Machka in Oz
    1948Peachy wrote: »
    Machka: Beautiful view of the ocean. Are the currents safe for swimming?

    Carol in GA

    Sometimes. Turns out, this beach is complicated.

    The biggest waves are over near the rocks in the distance, and that's where the strongest currents are. Not long ago (September), someone was out there swimming or maybe trying to surf, and drowned. A kayaker tried to save him, but the currents were too strong.

    Further up, next to the white house is a blowhole. That's where there has been a sea cave, but a section of the cave roof has fallen in so that the water comes in under an arch, and if the waves and tide are high enough, it shoots the water up into the air. That's quite rare there now.

    However, something happened at Christmas 2017, and a teen died there.

    Looking over at the cliff edge, there's a path that goes along up there, and if a person stays on the path, it's all right and there are some great views, but because it isn't that high and doesn't go straight down (it looks like there are rock shelves) some people like to climb over the fence and try to get onto the shelves.

    Another teen died doing something like that in January 2017.

    In the last 2 cases, the teens were hard to find and then it was difficult to retrieve their bodies because of the cliffs and current.

    I have waded in at that end, but the outgoing waves are strong enough to take the sand right out from under my feet and I don't like that.

    Meanwhile, at the other end, behind me, is a calmer section where parents often bring their kids to swim. However this year, that section has been closed because of a high e-coli count in the water.

    There is a storm drain that divides the two sections so one idea was that it was bringing contaminated water down. It was, but only to a very minor extent ... not enough to explain the e-coli level. And apparently they are cleaning that up.

    There are a lot of sea gulls that like that area so another idea was that it was the sea gulls. It was, but only to a very minor extent.

    And then they discovered that 2 or 3 new houses built at that end were running their sewage into the bay!!! I'm not exactly sure how that worked, but being that close to the water they're supposed to take extra precautions etc, but they didn't and in fact, they took short cuts. The problem is being fixed and the home owners will likely have to pay for it or at least be heavily fined.

    So ... if I swim, I do that in the middle ... away from the strong currents, but not in the really calm part. But this year, hardly anyone is going in the water there. We don't particularly like the idea of swimming in sewage. :neutral:

    Nevertheless, it's pretty and I like the sound of the waves. :) I like walking and running along there, and wading in the water when it is clean. :)

    Machka in Oz

    edited February 2019
  • bwcetcbwcetc Member Posts: 2,099 Member Member Posts: 2,099 Member
    Kelly ... so sorry that your husband's twin has caused you so much distress. He truly did overstep his bounds. I am glad, though, that the other brothers/wives were so generous to you while cleaning out your MIL's house.

    Rebecca ... so glad to hear that you and Owain had an opportunity to "talk."

    I am fortunate to still have both my Dad (90) and Mom (88). But I am very aware that the number of days with them are getting shorter. I don't like it one bit ...

    I've been dealing with incredible tooth/nerve pain. Saw the dentist yesterday and he gave me antibiotics and a referral to an endodontist whom I will see next Tuesday. The antibiotics are starting to relieve some of the intense pain (thank goodness). I did this once before ... as you might recall my story about the root canal without novocaine and a root that was very much alive... and I confess I'm a little anxious about it all this time. The dentist recommended that same whack-o and I quickly said "no" ... give me another name. Here's hoping this new endodontist will be kinder to me!

    Beth who drove home in another dang snowstorm from her son's today! So ready for winter to be over ...

    Oh ... I use ellipsis a lot and I guess incorrectly. My son was quite perturbed with me over the weekend for using them in a text??? So if I offend with them ... sorry ... :D

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,241 Member Member Posts: 12,241 Member
  • DanaReel180DanaReel180 Member, Premium Posts: 463 Member Member, Premium Posts: 463 Member
    Thanks for the welcome back!
    That made me feel very good!

    Janet OKC My daughter Jessica is in the 5th condo. This condo is on Panama City Beach. It’s a duplex with steps right out to the beach with a swim spa on the deck. But even though the condo is nice, her house is still under renovation. She’s waiting for the contractors to start replacing the drywall. Then the floors and finish work. It’s taking so long and the landscape is forever changed in downtown Panama City. But the whole area is experiencing the same thing.
    She has to be out of the condo by 3/15 so her insurance company is going to have to find another place for her and the kids.
    Thanks for asking Janet.

    Have a great evening!
    Dana In Arkansas
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,182 Member Member Posts: 4,182 Member
    Good to see you again Dana.

    Had a good lunch with son. He was getting worked up about a billing that did not make sense to him. I made some suggestion to help him how he could get it settled. It was still getting to him. I said maybe it is time to change the channel for now. He used it on me later when I got upset about a driver who did not yield to me in a round about. He said mom it is time to change the channel I laughed and said I liked him using that saying on me in this situation.
    :heart: Margaret
  • kevritkevrit Member, Premium Posts: 2,089 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,089 Member
  • auntiebkauntiebk Member Posts: 1,538 Member Member Posts: 1,538 Member
    Highway 101 at Hooskanaden creek has sunk 12 feet below grade so far and is still moving. Curry County Emergency Services advises: "Be prepared for this to be a long term event. This will not be as simple as opening a lane up for traffic within short order. The damage to the highway is both impressive and extensive." All three gas stations in town are out of gas, but there is still gas in the next town and in the Casino 6 miles south. All 3 grocery stores are out of milk. The long fuel and food trucks cannot take the detour as it's narrow, windy and gravel in places. Haven't heard when they can be re-routed to come in from the Southeast or South. Other than the gas and milk panic, people have good attitudes. Good thing we don't drink cow's milk! :)

    NYKaren Haven't heard any reports of injuries or damages to cars. Hard to believe. When it slipped (not as far) in 2016 several cars hit the cracks too fast and blew out both front tires. So sorry you caught DH's cold, but thankful it wasn't while you were in Italy ;)
    Allie Brava for the treadmill and weights. Brava!!!
    Lisa "where did I put my sweatpants" LOL! Bet your DH has no trouble hearing you when you pitch your voice in those low sexy tones... ;)
    Heather so far we are well stocked. Will use this as motivation to begin the great freezer and pantry purge of 2019 ;)
    Pat in OH 6 weeks, then another 10 days? That is way too long for a cold! Which automatic sweeper did you get? Is it very noisy?
    Machka love your beautiful beach, love even more that you and your DH can walk on it again. New homes dumping sewage in that beautiful bay??? Eeeuwww!
    Carol Getting down on the floor to exercise takes grit! Well done!
    Margaret I too love fresh grated cheese, especially reggiano or romano. I use a micro plane so it's sometimes flavored with red "essence de Barbara" ;} :heart: "Time to change the channel" :heart:
    Barbie "... and he doesn't make me play golf" LOL! May I steal that and adapt it to "... and he doesn't make me work on cars..."?
    Janet that is outrageous not to refill because the Dr moved out of their group. Big pharm, PHOOEY!
    Karen in VA, noegrand, KJ, Katla, Lisa and all of us who miss our mothers...((hugs))
    Beth from Rule 2. Ellipses can express hesitation, changes of mood, suspense, or thoughts trailing off. Writers also use ellipses to indicate a pause or wavering in an otherwise straightforward sentence. " NOT just an omission. Hope this helps un-perturb your son ;) If that's his greatest complaint about his mother, you must be an angel!
    Dana Your daughter has to move out from the 5th condo since hurricane? :noway:

    Finally watched "Will you be my neighbor" last night. Sad I'd not given Fred Rogers the respect he deserved back in the day. He was so right about so very many things.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    walk one more step 19/28, 60 g protein 26/28, rx/vits 25/28, meditate 23/28, knee exercises 23/28, SWSY 5/8, play with Tumble 12/28, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 19/28.
    Word for 2019: "GOOD" good attitude, good food, good times, good choices, good enough, feel good, GOOD!
    02/27 LT:Dog group-,Y MT: shop for self cleaning stove with broiler in oven-Y , ST: meet with banker-Y
  • trucker743trucker743 Member, Premium Posts: 386 Member Member, Premium Posts: 386 Member
    yvonne! You ride? Someone else who does things I loved! Have you gone by bike on any long trips? My husband and I each had BMWs, used but reliable. So many adventures! We rode up above the Arctic Circle with my 10yo daughter on one or the other bikes for the trip. Camped in bear country. We went back three more times. Such stories! You are so fortunate to be able to ride!

    Barbara AHMOD, water is patient and powerful. Sooner or late she’ll get her way with the land. Those pictures show what she can do in a small playful way. Hope they get you un-isolated quickly!

    [bMachka, ][/b]you really know your way around bikes, I see. I’d need to find something where I nearly sit bolt upright. I have discs T10 through S1 fused, and it makes it very hard to lean or bend forward from the waist for long. Perhaps a bike wouldn’t be best for me. I always had to have “set backs” put on the handlebars of the motorcycle. The picture of the beach is lovely. It’s probably high summer now, isn’t it? Or is it shading into autumn already?

    Oh Trish! i too am thinking of a spiralizer. Those strands of veggies tend to visually “bulk out” whatever they’re holding or coated with and give a boost to being able to acknowledge “full” faster. That’s very, very important for those of us with Bariatric surgery. Being too full hurts like the dickens.

    Rebecca, i love the Deception Pass Area, even just driving over, I look at the tide lines, the roil of the current, the people! Then going back at night the knowledge of those turbulent waters below just sings to my soul of adventure! I’m very glad you got to spend time with your sons, too. I think that’s why this forum feels so good to me. It IS a real chat, dammit! People say something, and others say things back. It has the rhythm and flow of talk.

    Dana! It’s so good to see you back! Log every teaspoon of that food, drink lots of liquids, and stay in touch. Most of us have come to believe that’s the underlying secret of success here.

    Beth, i too tend to use ellipses a lot, usually to highlight a phrase or to insert an idea mid-sentence. I think the way each of us use … or abuse! … the language or punctuate our observations is part of how we understand, in a beneath-the-surface way, that it’s a person there. See my comment to Rebecca above.

    Had a lovely evening with my DGD last night. She took me out to Red Lobster for dinner. As you know, with my surgery I can eat very little at a time, and I had had a problem eating after an upset that left me with an unhappy tummy. Well, I made sure I was well-hydrated all day, and only had broth and a tiny portion of whole grain cheese crackers. I ordered, at her suggestion, the Admiral’s Feast which includes flounder, Walt’s favorite shrimp, bay scallops, clams and a side. Among the sides I found cauliflower au gratin. The server assured me it was like cauliflower rice, and very soft. I ate two of the lovely succulent shrimp with a bit of cocktail sauce, about five tiny bay scallops, about a quarter of the clams and about a quarter of the cauliflower. I decimated half the huge serving of flounder after removing the breading. I ate slowly and savored every bit, then gave her about half the shrimp, taking two more for me, a generous portion of the scallops, taking five or so for me, most of the clams, and I joyfully kept the other half flounder and the 3/4 of the cauliflower dish remaining. I’m delighting in the flounder and 2/3 of the cauliflower tonight for my dinner. The rest was breakfast this morning. I logged everything, and only ran a tiny bit over the 700 calories I’ve worked up to. And I’m not one bit sorry. And I love my DGD.

    Sharon … full and happy and hydrated … Near Seattle
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,727 Member Member Posts: 6,727 Member
    Karen in Va. my mom's anniversary was the 15th of the month and she has been gone 19 yrs.. never easy.. my dad gone just a year and the house sold.. its not without its heartache..
    I am so sore this morning I will forgo the gym, but as it is my day off will get alot more walking in.. right now we have fluffy white stuff coming down that wont accumulate to much.
    Our boss keeps telling us that they are having problems with direct deposit,,,personally I think its a roose ,it is a royal pain in the butt for me as I have to wait until thursdays to take my check to the credit union.. there is somehow a way to take a picture of my check but will have to have them show me how to do that..
    will go down and check on my DFIL he was having none of it yesterday morning... breakfast time for him now is a chore.. he eats better at lunch but has to be fed..
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