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Carbs cause Diabetes (Type II) - sources for/against?

yirarayirara Posts: 3,722Member Member Posts: 3,722Member Member
I unfortunately ended up in a discussion I should have avoided. Someone claims that eating too many carbs leads to diabetes. I'd think that as long as someone is healthy and does not get overweight eating lots of carbs should not be a problem.

Are there any good scientific papers on either side of the argument?


  • deannalfisherdeannalfisher Posts: 4,575Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,575Member, Premium Member
    Take a look for any journal articles by brad dieter - he studies diabetes and metabolism - his personal website is science driven nutrition
  • leejoyce31leejoyce31 Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    glassyo wrote: »
    I can't point you to any studies but I can point you to myself. :)

    Yeeeeeeeeeears ago I learned in school that diabetes was genetic but skips a generation and that always stuck with me since my grandmother was diabetic but a recent google search says that's wrong these days.

    Anyway, I eat all the carbs. ALL the carbs. It's my go to when I want any kind of food whatsoever. And, even when I was overweight, my blood panels were in the normal range. (I eat protein and fat too...duh...but when my hand reaches out for something without even thinking...yup, it's a carb.

    Did I mention ALL the carbs? Because I'm not talking fruits and vegetables and whole grains here. I'm talking cookies and crackers and cakes and breads and suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugar. :)

  • CharlieBeansmomTraceyCharlieBeansmomTracey Posts: 7,688Member Member Posts: 7,688Member Member
    all I can say is if carbs caused diabetes then I should have it by now. I eat a lot of carbs and always have. even when I became obese I never developed type 2 or even pre diabetes.
  • RunnerGrl1982RunnerGrl1982 Posts: 260Member Member Posts: 260Member Member
    I agree with @FL_Hiker. I'd be a goner long ago. I live off carbs in order to sufficiently fuel myself for endurance runs.
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