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Completely messed up this weekend



  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 11,560Member Member Posts: 11,560Member Member
    Its that kind of thinking that led me to keep giving up on losing weight for years before I found this app. A few days eating more than we burn isn't a big deal, its what we do the majority of the time that matters.
    Log it, learn from it and move on.
  • stricklee11stricklee11 Posts: 149Member Member Posts: 149Member Member
    I also cheated Friday and Saturday. Ate Zaxby's Friday evening and that was 1,300 calories right there (daily goal is 1,500) and went to a Taco Festival on Saturday.

    I just log it honestly and try to stay below MFP's goal for the following week.
  • Opalescent_TopazOpalescent_Topaz Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    So I cheated instead of my one cheat day I had more than one. How do you guys bounce back and how do you prevent this in the future?

    I just go back to eating my normal way, because eating in a healthy way is for life. It's inevitable that I'm going to "mess up" from time to time. I'm not going to dwell.

    I suppose I might also consider whether I have been restricting myself too much, which is what happened last time I went waaaay over my calorie goal. I adjusted from 1200 calories to 1380 and eating half my exercise calories. I also started planning for treats instead of whole cheat days. But different things work for different people.
  • mmultanenmmultanen Posts: 588Member Member Posts: 588Member Member
    Every moment is an opportunity to start again. If the last moment, or few moments, or weekend didn't go exactly to plan right now, right this second is an opportunity to start again. The mind set of 'oh well since I had that cookie I've ruined everything so I may as well now have that ice cream and since I've had the ice cream there's no reason not to have more...etc' is what's dangerous. Sure, maybe I had the cookie but now I can make the choice to get right back on track. Every single moment is an opportunity to start fresh and if you can look at it as hey, right now I'm going to stop and get back to doing what makes me feel better and be healthier you've won.

  • sheloves89sheloves89 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    A weekend isn't gonna break you. If it's every weekend from now until next spring, you'll have a problem. But one? Nah, no big deal. Log it, move on.

    If it is/becomes a habit, consider the following:
    What was it that you were craving? Is it something about your schedule that sets you up for this kind of scenario, or is it a mental trap?

    For example - I work 16 hour days every day, which keeps me busy enough that I'm not sitting there obsessing over what's in my refrigerator. Weekends can be more difficult, because I'm home, and there's the fridge... I used to not keep any snacks around, but that was setting myself up for failure, because instead of eating a quick snack to satisfy a craving, I'd end up eating a whole meal. I've also recently started aggressively tackling some hobbies, to help keep me active and distracted on the weekends. Win-win situation, because I'm learning new skills and not overeating. =]

    I've also gotten much better at listening to what my body wants instead of trying to force her to lie to me. Maybe this is something that could help you, too? If body wants a chocolate, body gets a chocolate. I find if I ignore these cravings, I'll end up eating things I think body should want, instead (eggs and toast? A salad? How about some tofu? Anything is better than chocolate!), and I end up way overeating, rolling my eyes at the number of calories I've consumed and then binging on chocolate, anyway. Way better to just give her what she wants the first time around.

    Sidenote to this - my partner (a doc) recently pointed out I really was not allowing myself enough fat in my diet. I added full-fat foods back in, and this has way cut down on cravings, for me! Don't be afraid of full-fat foods, just be aware that they are also high calorie.

    Are you setting a mental trap for yourself? Do you give yourself a "cheat day," so look forward to that day that you end up seriously over-indulging, and then justify the second day by saying "well it's just a weekend, and I already blew it yesterday, anyway...."? Cus if you do - girl, you are not the only one. But you need to break that mental trap. Either discipline your cheat days, or don't have them and work your rewards into your daily calorie budget for the rest of the week. I put my entire day's worth of meals in first thing in the morning (meal prepping is key!) so that I know, come 8 pm, I can "afford" that glass of wine or that beer or that half-side of fries in my calorie allotment for that day.
  • jdv8622jdv8622 Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    You'll be fine, just don't let it snowball to where it spills into your non cheat days, then you'll really have a problem. Keep at it😉
  • AustinRuadhainAustinRuadhain Posts: 958Member, Premium Member Posts: 958Member, Premium Member
    As far as bouncing back -- just don't quit! Maybe keep track of being on your healthy eating plan meal-by-meal, and if you fall off the wagon, make sure your next meal is on plan, and focus on building a new streak.

    As @88olds said, it's all about the process. Pay attention to what works for you. If you have to quit eating something because for you it's too hard to eat just one serving, that's fine. Some people can do moderation in anything, and if that's you, then that's great, too. Again, you are the person to watch and figure out your body and emotional wiring.

    I don't really do cheat days, and for myself, I don't love that language. I just plan for indulgences, and then am careful not to choose indulgences that for me trigger a desire to keep eating past the plan.

    Hang in there!
  • GoGetta52GoGetta52 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    Log, move on & get back to it. I’m trying to work on this myself.
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