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Chocolate/ Ice Cream Cravings



  • reginammpreginammp Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    So let’s talk about cravings . What do you do when you just want a little piece of chocolate? Do you indulge on the occasional piece of sugar-free chocolate? I know some people have digestive issues. But for those of us that can tolerate them, do they stall you? What other sources have you found help with chocolate cravings?

    Another I’m finding tough is ice cream. It’s so hard to find ice cream that is not filled with carbs. What do you do for the occasional ice cream treat? Thank you

    Have you tried Avocado IceCream?
  • Glazed_and_ConfusedGlazed_and_Confused Posts: 1,330Member Member Posts: 1,330Member Member
    I saw someone else mention it but this chocolate is a game changer!
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