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Maintainers Weekly Check In - March 2019



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    mph323 wrote: »
    Name: Marti
    Age: 68
    Height: 5'3"
    Total Weight lost: ~50 lbs.
    Time it took to lose: 22 months
    How long in maintenance: 13 months
    Maintenance weight range: 103.5 - 107.5
    Average weight recorded from 2017 (12months):118.5
    Average weight recorded from 2018 (12 months): 105.2

    Average weight recorded from January: 106.6
    Average weight recorded from February 105.5

    Week of...
    March 3: 105.4
    March 10: 106.1
    March 17: 104.9
    March 24: 104.1
    March 31: 105.5

    Success/Struggles: I rode 96 miles yesterday! It was a beautiful ride, the fields were still green from all the rain and the sun was shining start to finish! Weirdly, tapering and carb-loading last week was more difficult than regular maintenance, and I'm glad to get back to my regular routine today :)


    Wishing everyone a successful upcoming week!

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