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Abstainer vs moderator.

just_Tomekjust_Tomek Member Posts: 9,169 Member Member Posts: 9,169 Member
Which one are you?

Are you really able to have whatever you want BUT in moderation.
Do you simply avoid / abstain from many things because well, you cannot moderate them?

I myself am an abstainer. I simply dont bring stuff home that I know I will not be able to control myself around.


  • zeejane03zeejane03 Member Posts: 993 Member Member Posts: 993 Member
    Moderator except for three things
    -bagels with cream cheese (I buy singles now, and it's a once in a while treat)
    -Snyders honey mustard pretzels (cannot eat these anymore though because they're to hard for my teeth-last time I had them I actually broke a tooth and had to get a crown :p )
    -and then those darn amazing flavored pea crsips-one time they were part of a dollar deal at the store and I literally sat down and ate two bags. In my defense they're pretty small bags, but it was almost 900 calories, ouch. I no longer buy them

    Everything else I can moderate pretty well.
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  • xxxSheilaxxxxxxSheilaxxx Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    I can't really moderate very well. I have little self control lol

    I was addicted to Mean Bean Monster energy drinks, chuck full of carbs and sugars. I cut those out cold turkey and wont even look at them because I know I'll be right back to my 2 or 3 cans-a-day habit. Not only drinking all my calories but super unhealthy too.

    I have been able to allow myself to a treat occasionally, like birthday cake at parties or the occasional candy bar if I have enough calories. Thankfully though my sweet tooth has gone away for the most part.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Member Posts: 10,991 Member Member Posts: 10,991 Member
    mostly, i'm a moderator, but with brownies i have to mostly be an abstainer
  • puffbratpuffbrat Member Posts: 2,803 Member Member Posts: 2,803 Member
    I'm mostly a moderator, but there are some things from which I abstain or at least recognize that if I buy it I will eat it all in just 1 or 2 sittings (like Girl Scout cookies).
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Member Posts: 872 Member Member Posts: 872 Member
    I'm also mostly a moderator, but I'm careful with crunchy snacks like chips, popcorn and Chester Cheetos. For those things I weigh my portion and then put the bag far, far away from me. But being aware of the foods I have difficulty with is helpful.
  • garystrickland357garystrickland357 Member Posts: 598 Member Member Posts: 598 Member
    I'm mostly a moderator.
    I have to abstain around glazed doughnuts and all chips (except tortilla chips for some reason).
  • MikePTYMikePTY Member, Premium Posts: 3,823 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,823 Member
    I'm a combination. I think I can moderate on most things, including cheeseburgers (like a proper, made in a restaurant burger, not some lean beef homemade thing), which are my favorite but I'm able to successfully fit in my diet on occasion without overdoing it.

    The two things I find myself really having to abstain from are pizza and wings. I'm not really capable of doing either in a way that is moderate enough that they are manageable. Both are most likely a 2000-3000 calorie endeavor.
  • mph323mph323 Member Posts: 3,481 Member Member Posts: 3,481 Member
    I'm a moderator, in that I don't abstain from any food I'm not intolerant of, however, I achieve that modeation by designating specific circumstances for when I will eat the foods I have less control over. I keep treats in the house but only in single-serving packs and if I can stop at one. Other things I love, like ice cream and potato chips I don't bring into the house, but will eat when I'm out if I have the calories. I guess the closest I come to abstaining is to just not make baked goods like cookies and cakes unless it's for company and I can send the leftovers home with guests, because I will definately eat all the leftovers for breakfast. :o
  • nvmomketonvmomketo Member Posts: 12,031 Member Member Posts: 12,031 Member
    I am mostly an abstainer. If I skip certain foods, I find it very easy to moderate everything else. If I eat a food that i normally skip, as long as it is not a common thing, I can moderate it no problem. If I eat it with frequency then it becomes a problem.

    Since I skip foods in favor if healthier foods, this works well for me.
  • CSARdiverCSARdiver Member Posts: 6,279 Member Member Posts: 6,279 Member
    Moderator with the vast majority of foods.

    I'm a near abstainer when is comes to potato chips. I gift myself portions on rare occasions, but man I can tear through a bag in no time.
  • estherdragonbatestherdragonbat Member Posts: 5,287 Member Member Posts: 5,287 Member
    Mostly a moderator. There are certain foods I know I can't control myself around for long, but that list is shrinking all the time. I find I am a bit self-conscious about over-doing it around the dinner table. I'm at my weakest when company's gone home and I'm back here with the leftovers. So, I can hold myself to a single slice of lemon meringue pie for dessert. The half-pie sitting in the fridge, calling my name two hours later is a problem. In practice, I don't buy a lemon meringue pie, but if I had the calories and wanted to indulge, I'd buy a lemon meringue tart (and just the one).

    I can eat potato knishes and bourekas by the cart-load. I don't trust myself around them at all.

    Over time, the desire to indulge has grown less intense, but there are still foods I don't buy because better safe than sorry. And there are plenty of indulgences I do bake/cook/buy because I CAN handle them.
  • rhtexasgalrhtexasgal Member Posts: 548 Member Member Posts: 548 Member
    I am a hybrid of the two ... mostly moderator with a little bit of abstainer thrown in. I totally cut off all sodas - no bubbly fizziness of the regular or diet sort - because I always crave popcorn and candy when I have sodas. I cannot really have popcorn anymore as it will trigger an ulcerative colitis flare if I have more than one handful. Since I know I cannot stop at a handful, I don't even bother. I am not a big candy person but with soda, I would be so I stopped. Other than that, I am a moderator. I have not stopped eating candy, I just don't buy it! A hershey kiss here or there is about it ...

    I don't limit myself from most anything else. However, I do look at things through the lens of "how much cardio will it take to burn that off!?" and typically, I tell myself no or limit myself to a taste or two. You discover that there are just some things not worth it in the long run.
  • PhirrgusPhirrgus Member Posts: 1,904 Member Member Posts: 1,904 Member

    Over time, the desire to indulge has grown less intense.....
    This part, here...this is what I continually hope for.
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