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Carrying water to drink on long runs?



  • MichSmishMichSmish Posts: 1,456Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,456Member, Premium Member
    FL_Hiker wrote: »
    MichSmish wrote: »
    I skip it. I’ve never needed to carry water with me, and I’m a distance runner (9-18 miles) putting in most of my mileage in south FL and SoCal.

    That’s really unusual. I live in central Florida and during the summer I need water, and I’m not a big sweater and I don’t generally drink much.

    I guess it’s unusual, I never really realized how unusual until reading threads here on mfp. I’m extremely well conditioned, and find carrying anything with me on a run super annoying and cumbersome and just never have.
  • SchweddyGirlSchweddyGirl Posts: 156Member, Premium Member Posts: 156Member, Premium Member
    For half marathons I have a hydration belt. OR, I will carry a running bottle and fill up at the aid stations. I don't particularly like camelbacks. But just my preference. You should try out different hydration schemes and see what works for you.
  • lemonwater1lemonwater1 Posts: 67Member Member Posts: 67Member Member
    I wear a belt that holds a water bottle for all my runs: even if it’s only a few miles. I hate the feeling of dry mouth! I’ve never tried a camel back. I have seen people with them at halves and I’ve also seen people with hydration belts. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.
  • Squish815Squish815 Posts: 97Member Member Posts: 97Member Member
    Squish815 wrote: »
    I am waiting for it to arrive to see how I do with it and will probably use it until I'm confident enough to run without water on longer runs:

    Just wanted to add to this as I used this one today for a run that was just under 9 miles. I only half filled it so it wasn't too much extra weight and didn't notice it too much while running. It's a bit hard to drink from but as someone who just wants sips of water to stop my mouth feeling dry, it was perfect.
  • mk2fitmk2fit Posts: 740Member Member Posts: 740Member Member
    I do not carry water bottles when I run, even when it is warm. The extra weight would drive me crazy (but I don't mind running wearing 3-4 layers when it is c-c-cold!). I do, however, bring a lot of mints to keep my mouth from drying out. Tissues in my left pocket, mints in the right. Usually anything less than 10 miles, I'm ok without water.
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