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  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Ok.... kittens!!
    Not the best photos when they're awake. They're definitely in full blown PLAY PLAY PLAY mode right now lol.
    Finally got them both off the bottle and eating on their own. Although I've been using this kitten 2nd step formula stuff that hubs got from Petco. They seem to enjoy it though so... whatever.
    Will need to work on getting them on just water soon though.
    We still put them in the bathroom at night, but they're out in the living room most of the day now. Also starting to incorporate clumping litter in to their litter now.
    And yeah.. they're both doing really good :)

    They're currently making a giant mess at hubby's desk lol
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    Those are adorb babies.......sorry for what your son said, man that is sad.......It looks like they did a great job of re-attaching though.....and knowing how my two boys were, after scrapes and bruises, and stiches......they love showing off their scars :)......he is one tough kiddo!

  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Back to it finally. Daughter's birthday and youngest's birthday were this weekend. Lots of cake and ice cream lol.
    But yep... finally back to it today.
    Doing an egg fast. Started it off today w/ a chaffle made with 2 eggs, 62g of mozzarella, monk fruit, vanilla extract and topped with some SF syrup and some butter.
    Bought myself a new waffle maker too. A bit more grown up than the spiderman one I was using lol Plus I can just make one big waffle instead of having to make 2 small ones over and over again.

    Also started exercising again. Just keeping that low for now just so I can get back in to the habit again. Did 20min on elliptical. No resistance, but doing it to faster paced songs helped me to at least go a bit faster than I had intended so I still got my heart rate up. Yay :)
    Expecting AF to arrive soon. Within the next couple of days. So that's going to suck, but still going to try to do something.

    Stress has definitely gotten the better of me this year so far, but I'm still determined to get to that 30lbs lost goal by the end of the year. I think I may have to change it slightly to just be like... get to 150something weight by the end of the year. Hell, I'd be happy to be back in the 160's too.

    That's going to be DIFFICULT with even more birthdays and holidays and other crap coming up, but I can do it! I can be strong! I need to keep it to just a single day of cheating or even just a meal. I've been letting my stress guide me these last few weeks.

    I'm already thinking about what I want for my birthday though lol. More fried chicken and a giant buttery baked potato /nodnod
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    Glad the stress is better, you had a rough go of it girl! Awesome that you are back on track with eating and exercise :) You totally can shed the 30 by the end of the year :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    vol- I hope I can! I just have to reign it in though and have to remain pretty darn strict (in terms of not allowing unplanned cheats).

    Today is day 3 of my egg fast and so far so good. While I'm not sick of eggs, I am ready to just get back to my regular diet. But just one more day though. I can do one more day :)

    I did not exercise yesterday. While I'm back to better eating again (like no urge to cheat again), I'm still not really 100% where I was before mentally so I made excuses to not exercise. Not even excuses.. just.. I don't want to so I'm not lol.
    I was making those same excuses today but I started watching a vlogger that is also on her weight loss journey and watching her get up and do something got me to get up and do something too.
    I just sat there and thought to myself... "I'm going to watch this video... the least I can do is finish watching it while I'm on the elliptical. Even if it's just at a slow pace."
    So that's what I did. I got on the elliptical and took it slow while I watched her video. I did increase resistance just a small bit and near the end went a bit faster too, but I kept it slow for the most part.
    Even though it was barely exercise, I'm still happy that I got up and did something. It's a small step in the right direction.

    Also... forgot to post weight, but it was 191.something on Day 1 of the egg fast.
    And from just a second ago, it was188.2.
    So it's dropping, but still up from where it was. Hoping a couple more pounds of this is also PMS related too since that should be starting up today or really soon.

    In other news. Son has his follow up appointment today. His nose looks great though. Looks to be healing up really well and he says it doesn't hurt anymore when we're putting the ointment on the scar.

    Kittens are also doing great. Hyper little monkey cats. They're starting to get a lot more hyper and getting on to a lot more things. We're going to wake up one day to everything on all the shelves knocked down to the floor.
    One thing they still need to work on though is pooping and NOT stepping in it. So gross, but neither of them seem to mind getting a small bath to clean the poop off. Mia (the orange one) actually starts to purr once she's wrapped up in the towel getting dried off lol.
    Right now I'm trying to wean them off the kitten formula and just drink plain water. Only have about 2 servings of it left anyway so they're gonna get weaned off no matter what lol.
    Also trying to get them to eat crunchy food now too. Somewhat successful so far :)

  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    Glad things are going well. How was your weight at the end of the egg fast?

    OMG your babies are so cute :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Oh I forgot to update here too lol.

    So my weight this morning was 187 on the dot. That's down just over 4lbs which I'm more than happy with, but that's still up about 2-4lbs from where I was before my giant stress filled cheatfest lol.

    4lbs may have come off even if I had just gotten back to regular keto too though so /shrugs.. still a win :)

    I had myself some fried cabbage this morning. Like... an entire giant bag worth. Still only equaled about 300 calories.
    Had some lunch which was leftover shaved beef w/ peppers, onion, cheese

    Dinner is going to be a sirloin and either sauted broccoli or green beans or zucchini. Maybe a medley :disappointed:

    AF started today and with it came a headache and some minor cramping and uhm... gut issues so no exercising today. Probably not tomorrow either since first 2 days are the worst. Will see how it goes though.

    Need to get back to IFing again too!
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    OMG this southern gal loves her some fried cabbage........yum o! Congrats on the 4lb that is super awesome!!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    WHEW My appetite is really high right now. I fixed some chia seed pudding that I snacked on, but I needed more so ate some cheese and salami slices too (all after dinner). I could've easily eaten the entire mason jar of the pudding I made. Easily. And dinner was big too. Sauted broccoli and zucchini w/ 2 sirloin steaks (maybe about 4ish oz each).
    Thanks so much AF!.... :neutral:

    I could use more sleep, but it's been pretty good here so far. About to go start up a pot of neckbones w/ mushrooms so I can have that for dinner.

    Lunch is gonna be.. something. Probably steak burritos (leftover steak)
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    OMG the AF and food intake ---totally the same way........

    Your lunch sounds amazing ;)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Still have a voracious appetite, but I've been doing pretty good at picking better choices so I'm not eating like 5k calories a day lol.
    My weight has gone up a pound though. I THINK that might be b/c of the mushrooms I've been eating. They don't exactly sit well in my gut, but I've been taking enzymes to help with it so that could be a potential reason.
    It's going good though.
    I can already see and feel the bloat I had coming back off. Now if I can just get the weight to start going back down again without having to do anything extreme.


    They're both doing great! Getting in to everythere and everywhere. They both know their names which is always super cute. Especially with cats. Gotta enjoy it now while they still respond to their names lol.
    They are little weirdos too. Like, if they're both by eachother and one of them sees the other using the litterbox, the other will have to use the litterbox at that exact moment too. Like women needing to go to the bathroom together. It's so strange lol.

    JJ (calico) is definitely the vocal one right now. Hungry? MEOW. Attention? MEEEEOOOW. Where's my sister? MEEEEEEOOOOW. Just wanna meow? MMMMMMEEEEOOOOWWW.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Woops, forgot to add, We're rearranging 2 of the kids rooms.
    Did my son's last night (the older son). Thankfully that was easy b/c he's actually been keeping his room somewhat clean.
    My daughter's room is next though and I'm procrastinating like crazy. It's not.. super messy, but it's messy enough and cluttered and uuuuugh.

    Gotta do it though before school starts at the end of the month. DH is planning on making them both desks. Nothing fancy or anything, but need to get the rooms situated how we want so he can figure out the dimensions.
    We learned last night that kid's chairs and just chairs in general are frackin expensive!!
    Thought we'd be able to get something for them for like... maybe $20 a piece but nope. Sheeeeeeeesh

    UGh Not looking forward to online school for them. The schedule that I've seen seems really... annoying. NM my youngest and trying to explain to him that he's going to need to leave them alone. I'm sure we'll all adjust to it, but this is still going to suck.
    BUT on the bright side.. we'll get to sleep in. No need to wake up all early since online school starts at 9.
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    OMG the love love.....

    My youngest (13 8th grade) is going into week two of remote and so far so good. Hubby is helping him through the day since he works from home. On M-W-F he has live classes from 9am-355pm, so he is occupied, just making sure he puts on a shirt before class has been the biggest issue :)......T/Th they just work on their own for homework/ or other work. So far really nice.....since my Mom lives with us we are going to keep him home the entire year, we can always choose to send to him once they decide to open (which may or may not happen) Nashville has insane numbers right now, but we do have the choice.

    Sleeping later --win win/Not buying school clothes --win win/Not having to take him/pick him up from school ---win win :) hope your kiddos do well!

  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Vol- YES! You understand! lol Although we did have to buy 2 out of 3 kids new clothes. My poor older boy outgrew like all of his stuff so definitely needed more even if he was remote learning lol. And my daughter well... I can't resist buying girl clothes b/c they're adorable :P But she also seems to be going through a little growth spurt so needed a few things too.
    But HIGH FIVE not having to get up early or take them/pick up!! WOOT!

    I also chose to just keep them home all year. My states numbers seem to be slowly going down finally, but meh. I'd rather just wait until everything calms the heck down before sending them back, plus me keeping them home will be 2 less kids the school will have to deal with whenever person to person school starts up.. IF it does.

    Mammogram was today. My very first one and it wasn't so bad. The lady did want me to tell everyone to NOT come in right before your period starts b/c it hurts more and your breasts can get little cysts in them which will show up and blahblah. So yeah.. there ya go. Everyone that hasn't had one yet.. make sure you don't go in right before your period starts lol.
    It wasn't bad though. Pancaked twice on both boobles and out I went. The worst part was trying to find a dang parking spot in a giant *kitten* minivan.
    There is nothing worse than trying to find a spot in a crowded as hell parking garage in a giant frickin car.
    I already hate parking when there are no other cars around.. add in jam packed parking and it's a nightmare /cry
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    Glad you got your mammy :) they are no fun at all but boy are they important super important.......Yeah ---not fun at all, but it is usually pretty quick if you have someone that knows what they are doing :).

    LOL I hate parking too, I always say, I wish my SUV had a front camera too, I never can seem to see the front when I pull in :) the rear camera is great, but how about for shorties, can we have a front one too???!!!!

  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Vol- Lol yes! I always go in too far over one side or the other so have to back up and straighten up in to the spot a couple of times. I mean I guess that's better than just leaving the car all crooked though like some people do. OMG I'm sure I would've backed up in to someone by accident if we didn't have a rear camera. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius and I hope they got the big bucks for it! lol

    So diet is swell. I mean really nothing much to report on there. I really need to track though and stop being so lazy about it.
    I exercised too. I somewhat pushed myself. Not really a difficult workout on the elliptical, but it was definitely cardio.

    No new kitten photos yet. They're currently acting like little hyper monkeys while I type this. Attacking each other and running off, then attacking again lol. So long as they're not attacking my feet though, pfft, have at it kittens.

    We are having a flea problem in the bathroom though. The one they were in when we first got them. Keep spotting them whenever I'm on the toilet and gotten bitten a few times now. I kill whichever ones I can catch.
    I've mopped and vacuumed twice now. Need to get up under our towel rack and behind the toilet a bit better next time. Hopefully the fleas haven't made it out in to the rest of the house. We do need to treat our dogs again. Hoping that treating them will help to kill any that have gotten in to the rest of the house. We still haven't gotten the cats to the vet yet. THat will be up to hubby to do and he's a bigger procrastinator than I am.

  • Leah_62803Leah_62803 Member Posts: 293 Member Member Posts: 293 Member
    You definitely want to treat for the fleas ASAP. We are currently dealing with a flea problem here because our normal flea treatment stopped working and then the new thing we tried didn’t work AT ALL. Our neighborhood has fleas pretty bad because of our neighbor’s cats that they keep letting have kittens and roam around. So we have to be very vigilant or we’ll get fleas in the house. It’s never just a couple either. If you see a few fleas that means there are hundreds hiding and eggs hatching. :(
    We are finally on the tail end of it now thankfully but it was rough.
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,083 Member Member Posts: 2,083 Member
    Fleas suck for sure. Our dogs (they are indoor) but still could get them are on a monthly tablet and we have never had any issues. They work so much better and it prevents ticks too. But it is kinda expensive :(.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    I noticed the other day that both cats were infested again. The fleas hid well until there were too many of them to hide. I moved our heavy as sin couch and cleaned under it well (that's where the kittens like hiding and sleeping).
    Thankfully haven't seen any more fleas in the bathroom or anywhere else, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we do.
    We also bought some flea stuff for them. Advantage or Frontline. We've used both on our dogs and they always worked really well. So FX that we're ahead of a flea infestation. We have carpet so it would suuuuuuuuuck if we got infested.
    We usually treat our yards for fleas and ticks so don't have a huge problem. We do however always have a problem with flies though. We get SO many damn flies in the house every dang year. Every time we open the door, a few fly in. Drives me crazy.

    Anywho, I OMAD'd today! Sorta. I did have like 3 Quest chips at noon, but didn't eat an actual meal until 6.
    Had to clean up b/c have some solar panels dude coming tomorrow. Can't let folks think we always live in a disaster zone! lol
    While cleaning the hallway that leads to 2 of my kids rooms... I got tired of it looking like a crackhead was squatting in our hallway and decided to finally paint it.
    We've lived in this house for 12 years. My daughter is 8yo and she started drawing on the walls when she was around 2-3. So yeah.. that should tell you how much we're procrastinators. We have paint and all the other supplies to paint too. Just laziness too lol.
    Anyway... I got tired of looking at a hallway filled with scribbles so took it upon myself to paint it. Grabbed one of the fuller cans of paint we have (a nice sky blue color) and went to work. Took my like 3 hours and now the hallway looks nice and fresh :D YAY ME! lol /pats self on back

    And that's the tale of why I OMAD'd today. Wanted to get a hallway painted and was too distracted to eat.

    I weighed myself before I ate though and it was at 183.something so woot! I doubt it will be that tomorrow but I SEENT IT! Before the 183, this morning it was 185.4 so still good IMO :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,276 Member Member Posts: 1,276 Member
    Welp, this morning's official weigh in weight was 183.8! WOO! It was 186.something just a few days ago so yay :)
    Definitely not OMADing today though. IFing still, but dinner last night didn't sit well in my stomach. Not sure if it was the chipotle mayo or the lettuce that caused issues but well.. it didn't sit IN me for very long if you catch my drift, so I am EXTREMELY hungry this morning. But waiting on solar panels dude to get here and will probably eat something after he leaves.
    No exercise today, but will start back up tomorrow. Going to start aiming for a mile on the elliptical now (not sure if I mentioned that here). From the thing I saw to figure it out, doing 840 strides= a mile on my machine, but I'm going to round up to 1000. I think having a set goal will help. I already do around 700 on a regular decent elliptical workout so it shouldn't be too difficult to get to 1k.

    Anywho... kittens!!

    My older boy giving the kittens some love :)

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