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Keto diet= good or bad



  • frksfraufrksfrau Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
    With moderate diet and exercise, I had lost approximately 55 pounds. However, over the last 6 months, I noticed scale creep and was unhappy with my eating habits. Decided that for only a month I would do keto, as I know it is not sustainable in the long run. I am not eating a lot of fat, but lean proteins and eggs. Most of my protein is from fish, shellfish, and poultry. I just wanted to break some of my bad habits and this was the way I chose. It has only been 2 weeks and I am happy with the results and my snacking is almost to nothing. Two more weeks and I'll start introducing some carbs back into my diet, but will try to stay away from refined carbs (sugar/white flour/white rice). I am hoping the scale will continue to trend downward.
  • stinkyfungusstinkyfungus Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    mitch22098 wrote: »
    Keto diets as well as other diets can really help shep weight. The problem which arises is when the diet is over. Trying to go back to eating regularly causes many people to regain weight. It seems more sensible to eat a balanced regular diet, reduce caloric intake, and be mindful of portion sizes. In my humble opinion.

    Why stop keto?
    I have been Keto going on 5 years eating the same amount . Lost 50 pounds first year and maintained last 4 years.

    I did not do Keto to lose weight but to fix health issues causing obesity in the first place .

    Question is...

    When you are out doing roadwork as a Keto adherent - How long and hard can you go flat out before you bonk?

    Are you actually fit? Or do you just look good and maintain a healthy weight? (Neither of Which are unworthy achievements. don’t get me wrong.)

    But There is a difference.

    For example:
    Yesterday’s bicycle ride (my “short course”)
    12 miles, 43 minutes 39 seconds, average speed (lower than I prefer due to nasty sustained head wind on return leg) 16.6 mph elevation gained 630 feet. (There are a couple of buck nasty but thankfully short 10% grade hills on that course)
    Average heart rate - 145bpm (male age 42)
    Overall perceived effort - about an 8.
    (Held back a little since short course day is also weight training day, so hit gym to lift after this ride)

    Can you, as a Keto adherent do the above?

    Because I couldn’t ... at my age 145 bpm is in the anaerobic regime... meaning a lot of that ride was fueled by glycogen reserves.
    Something YOU don’t actually have - to be in Ketosis and maintain it, my understanding is you must be in a glycogen depleted state.

  • DvdgzzDvdgzz Member Posts: 433 Member Member Posts: 433 Member
    I was just thinking today about keto and not really knowing someone who has a lot of muscle mass who has done keto to get there. I'm sure someone already muscular could maintain with it just like someone already muscular can maintain it with Crossfit even if it isn't optimal for building muscle. Does anyone have any input on that? I use another site where everyone doing keto is either obese or skinny fat. That is one reason I doubt keto it very good for building an impressive physique, plus the fact that carbs provide optimal energy for power output, and buffer muscle loss. Plus ketosis requires a lower amount of protein than what is recommended.
  • EliseTK1EliseTK1 Member Posts: 345 Member Member Posts: 345 Member
    True keto is fantastic for people with certain seizure disorders and some other medical issues. It can also help some people to lose weight and get their blood sugar into a healthy range. Long-term it may not be as beneficial for the general population, but there's still a lot of research happening on it. Based on the current research, I vote no keto unless it's medically necessary because it's a difficult diet to sustain and can hinder exercise/activity performance, but I do support higher % protein when losing weight. A lot of research backs that.
  • _Paparazzi__Paparazzi_ Member Posts: 463 Member Member Posts: 463 Member
    For me it works .
    I no longer bing eat .
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