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Things people say when you lose weight



  • very_californianvery_californian Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    HEY YOU LOOK GOOD WANNA BANG is something I've gotten frequently
  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Member Posts: 435 Member Member Posts: 435 Member
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    I think people have gotten so used to seeing an overweight population that they don't have a clear picture of what a healthy weight looks like. I currently fall into the obese category, but when I described myself that way in conversation with a friend, he said "no, you're just chubby." Maybe they shy away from the stigma that the word itself carries, or maybe their perception of what constitutes obesity is skewed.

    This! I also think that the the term morbidly obese, or even just obese, really freaks people out. I also think friends where I now live are use to seeing me around this size that this is what my normal is to them.

    I agree with a previous poster about accepting compliments, and I do. I have always been a very open and free to share person, so it can be challenging dealing with good friends (not strangers or acquaintances). I have learned that when it comes to losing and maintaining weight loss, that I need to not let in too many opinions and voices. What I’m doing is working. When/if it isn’t, I’ll ask for help.

    I recall that my mother once told me that my nephew (then 19) had been weighed at his gym His BMI was 30, so he is a little out of shape and a bit overweight she cheerfully said I nearly choked on dinner and said Mum he is obese BMI 30 is the obese category It means he is very very overweight and she looked at her plate. She knew I was right but just would not accept it as most of my family is way too heavy
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