Things people say when you lose weight



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    It's always "don't discount all the hard work I've put in by saying I was born with a "high metabolism".

    Love this!

  • Kaitie9399
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    My MIL said that she and her sister had been talking and were wondering if I was planning to leave my husband / her son!

    MIL's...... smh.

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    nitalieben wrote: »
    I hear most of the comments you guys have said, one in particular that confuses me.
    When they ask what I have done I explain "stopped eating junk food, exercise more, and log every meal on an app.:

    Like its a bad thing.. iv had some pretty significant results since I started logging, It's not the only thing iv been doing and I don't count super accurate, more like just to keep track...

    But I don't get why people think counting calories is a bad thing.

    I've had people ask what I do.

    I reply "I count and track my food"

    And usually I'm met with a long, confused look, then a laugh, sometimes a "nah, it can't be that simple" or a "you almost had me there".

    It's not QUITE that simple. I could count and track while eating too much and gain weight. In fact it happened from October through February! It's the third part that is NOT easy; keeping within a calorie budget. I guess that's assumed, but counting and tracking alone misses that one most important step. So that dialogue should be closer to:

    "How do you do it?"

    "I measure my food, track the calories, and strive to eat no more calories than I burn."

    Or something like that.

    The good thing is WE know that it works, and we can just keep doing it.