Things people say when you lose weight



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    By June, I'd gone from a super tight/barely fitting 18 to a loose 16. Finally got out into some social situations. Nobody said anything. By the end of summer, I literally had to go buy a new wardrobe because nothing fit. I found I was a size 12-14 then. I was finally going back to work in person and assumed everyone would be complimenting how much better I looked. Nope. Literally not one single peep, from anyone in my life. Needless to say those size 12-14 pants didn't last long at all. At least I won't be surprised this time.

    I think you are right that some people are just afraid to say anything, positive or negative, about a person's weight. That may also vary based on their perception (whether it's accurate or not) about how easily offended the person they are talking to is.

    I was another person who had an easier time losing during Covid, like you it was a lower stress environment. I didn't have to go out but was able to keep working and that was really nice. I also didn't have the constant offerings of tasty baked goods from well meaning colleagues.

    With my massive weight loss (around 100 pounds and I'm small framed) I have had some people be very open about it and other people be very timid and apologetic about noticing. I'm very open about my loss and usually say "I might be a little different but I personally can talk all day about this, I don't mind" just so they know that their questions or comments didn't offend me. That way I also cover other folks who really hate talking about it, because I know not everybody likes to.

    Ultimately you lose weight for yourself - would it help to think about how much better you feel and how you can do more things without getting tired? Maybe some internal motivation might help you maintain your losses in the absence of positive feedback from friends and coworkers. Hang in there!