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    @deepwoodslady I am so sad for you! Much love and hugs going your way with my prayers-
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    @deepwoodslady, Donna, I am so sorry that your sister has passed. My deepest condolences to you, your family and her family. {{{hugs}}} and love💓
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    @deepwoodslady Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and prayers for you and your family to find comfort and peace in this sad time.
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    @jenn990205 Sending hugs to you, your husband, your grandfather, and your whole family. Sending prayers of comfort for all of you.
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    @deepwoodslady I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    171lake wrote: »
    Female, 31 years old, 5’1”
    MFP SW: 172.6 lbs 12/1/18
    TWL since joined MFP as of RW 72 end: 19.7 lbs
    UGW: 120 lbs
    Round 65 SW 164.1 EW 162.3 (- 1.8)
    Round 66 SW 162.6 EW 160.6 (- 2.0)
    Round 67 SW 160.8 EW 158.4 (-2.4)
    Round 68 SW 159 EW 156.4 (-2.6)
    Round 69 SW 156.4 EW 155.7 (-0.7)
    Round 70 SW 155.7 EW 155 (-0.7)
    Round 71 SW 155 EW 153.9 (-1.1)
    Round 72 SW 154.2 EW 152.9 (-1.3)

    Goals for Round 73 (9th Round)
    Round weight for round 73 151.x
    Take spin class 3x a week
    Try Yoga for the first time (was hoping to try it last round, but didn't get around to it :disappointed:
    Chart out meals in advance throughout the round
    Drink 100 oz of water

    04/03 153.3
    04/04 153.2, need to be better about tracking food. I am good for breakfast and lunch and then at night I forget to log and weigh.
    04/05 152.6, back at my lowest weight. Hope to be able to stay in the 152s through Monday.
    04/06 153.3, back up but know it was from lasagna and caeser salad yesterday. Sodium was much higher than usual, but will make sure to be at 100 oz today of water and hopefully will be back down by Monday
    04/07 153, ate well yesterday and exercised for 70 minutes on amt machine. Going to a basketball game tonight so weight might be more tomorrow, but going to enjoy the game!
    04/08 152.8, feeling confident I can end this round in a loss. I know I might see an uptick over the next couple of days for some of my choices yesterday, but had a such a great time last night!
    04/09 152.8, usually I see a gain 1-2 days after a splurge so I’m very happy to see this number again. Hopefully will see it tomorrow, but again wouldn’t be upset if it goes up a bit. I don’t have any event planned til Easter than will derail me too much
    04/10 152.6, hoping to end at or below this number. Even though I’m not losing at quite the rate I want (1.5) still proud that I haven’t gained in a ten day challenge yet. I am going to Italy for 10 days in early May so that’s going to change most likely. Does anyone know of a small scale that will fit in a carry on?
    04/11 152.6, going to a yoga class this afternoon for the first time! Hoping that will help me keep this number or below through tomorrow
    04/12 152.6, loved the yoga class but wasn’t expecting to be so sore! The class is three times a week, but going to start with going 1-2 times until my body gets used to it.

    People always think yoga is an easy exercise - but it's not if you do it properly !!!
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    @jenn990205 I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband's grandmother. I was very fortunate to have both my grandparents until recently, and it's still so difficult not to have my grandpa around.