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  • RunsWithBeesRunsWithBees Posts: 1,157Member Member Posts: 1,157Member Member
    GregInORL wrote: »
    Took my first vacation! Enjoyed 3 days in Disneyland leading up to the LA Marathon. (That marathon didnt go so well but another story)

    Make sure youre living a life worth living!

    Congrats! Great pic! :)
  • Jimb376mfpJimb376mfp Posts: 4,707Member Member Posts: 4,707Member Member
    @Jimb376mfp That is an amazing and very inspiring transformation! Congratulations.

  • Jimb376mfpJimb376mfp Posts: 4,707Member Member Posts: 4,707Member Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Jimb376mfp wrote: »

    (snip amazing photos, for reply length)

    2013 My youngest son (now 35 yo) gave me THE TALK about my weight/health (376 age 65)
    Seven years with WW now Lifetime and below GW 184 since May 2018.
    CW 181, age71.

    I hope that your son feels proud of himself for bravely having THE TALK with you. I'm sure he feels proud of you, you of him . . . and I certainly hope you feel very, very proud of yourself for that wonderful, persistent, life-affirming, life-choosing course that you set yourself on, and that you patiently completed.

    Such an inspirational example: You rock!

    THANKS! I came upon replies sent in January. Thanks for your kind words. My son who gave me the well deserved KITA on Thanksgiving 2012 changed my outlook on my life and Lifestyle. Now with Covid-19 how life has changed. Our son and his brother live in Brooklyn so we’re thinking of him and his SOs.
  • MarissaJean04MarissaJean04 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    JennJ323 wrote: »
    Height: 5’2"
    Beginning weight: 165lbs
    Currently maintaining at: 124-127lbs
    Just starting this whole maintenance thing, trying to figure it all out
    Favorite exercise: walking - treadmill is ok, but I prefer evening walking with my daughter


    Wow! What an inspiration for me! I'm 5'2" and currently 170, I am wanting to get down to 130's. What worked for you? I'm currently breast feeding my 5 month old and don't want to loose my supply

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