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  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,528 Member Member Posts: 8,528 Member
    I was so incensed by the BBC 1 coverage of the European election results that I have made an official complaint about bias. I had a lot of hoops to jump through, but I got there in the end. Both DH and I sat there open mouthed at the reporting. It feels better to have made a protest, even if it gets nowhere. They do promise to review it.
    I am still angry, but I have done my best.

    I also received emails from two of my group of girls saying that they agreed with me about the 'jaunts'. The purpose of meeting up is to meet up. So I'm really glad I spoke up. It was a risk for me.

    This afternoon we made our way to the Carnival. It was interesting and we enjoyed a display of a sheepdog herding running ducks! !! I queued up for a "Chicken Tikka Wrap" , but got so cross about the inefficiency of the serving procedure that I let the poor young girl taking the money have the brunt of my anger. I was not the only one complaining as the slowness of the service was a disgrace, but I was the most vocal. Part of it is that I hate bad logistics. It was obvious what needed to be done.
    Once I actually got my delayed wrap it was absolutely delicious. :D>:)
    So a day of complaining. Vociferously. And, I hope, usefully.
    Margaret, have you heard anything?

    The wild sea bass I baked tonight was, in DH's words, "superb". :D The cauliflower wasn't bad either.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • Poerava14Poerava14 Member Posts: 881 Member Member Posts: 881 Member
    lhscapil wrote: »
    Happy Memorial Day!

    Oddly, this is one of my favorite holidays, created to honor our servicemen killed during war. It makes me think of my father who was in the Aleutian Islands during WWII and fought the Japanese on Attu Island. As a child, we often looked at souvenirs he'd gotten while stationed in Italy and then Alaska. The photos of Italy and other countries and Kodiak were kind of touristy - scenery and such.

    The photos of the Aleutians included one of my dad holding a kit fox... then other photos of dead enemy soldiers. He never spoke about it, and it wasn't until after he died that we saw information about the Battle of Attu and realized the horrors he saw there.

    Sunny SW WA State

    Lanette: This morning as I loafed in bed listening to public radio, I heard an extensive interview by the author of this book. Before today, I knew nothing about Attu Island, so between this book and your personal story, I'm really intrigued to learn more.


  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,207 Member Member Posts: 5,207 Member
    Rebecca So glad you can't help yourself. What a gorgeous baby girl. <3
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Member, Premium Posts: 2,176 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,176 Member

    Lanette: This morning as I loafed in bed listening to public radio, I heard an extensive interview by the author of this book. Before today, I knew nothing about Attu Island, so between this book and your personal story, I'm really intrigued to learn more.


    Rori - wow, that book looks intriguing! We saw a presentation on the Battle on Attu on the History Channel several years ago. Lookee what I just found!


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  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,368 Member Member Posts: 11,368 Member
    Lanette: both of those articles were very informative.

    ☘️ Terri
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  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,108 Member Member Posts: 4,108 Member
    Heather I did hear from someone at the police. He is someone who helps to train officers dealing with the mentally ill. He wants things to change too. It helped me just to write the letter, so I can understand why you took the action you did too.

    Son may take legal action for not taking him to the hospital. That is where I believe he has a case. Police legally can act like thugs in this country if there is a warrant. This is what scares me. Son is upset that one was issued not showing at a his court appearance when the court knew he was sick. He will get to go home no later than this Friday. He was in the hospital for over a month. I believe he would have been in less than two weeks if the police had not done what they did to him. Unfortunately there is no way to prove that.

    Top ten weather day yesterday that I spent six hours in a car so we could attend a picnic with DSIL. If we had more good days I would not have minded. It has rained almost everyday the past two weeks. It is hard to get the gardening and outside projects I would like to do now. I think DH would have rather stayed home too. Within ten minutes that we were there DSIL had a project for him to do and later involved us in another project. I wish she could have just be happy that we came and found others to help her. Fortunately I had learned to stand my ground with her. If she is too unreasonable I do say NO! She is one who will try to push me to do more than I am comfortable. I know this about her, so I have to decide what I am comfortable doing with and for her and stand firm. Her son has learned to do this too. She doesn't like it, but I understand why he takes his stand too.

    Today over and inch of rain and temps in the mid 50's.

    :heart: Margaret
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 7,893 Member Member Posts: 7,893 Member
    Lanette: My dad was a Sea Bee in the Soloman Islands during WW2, fighting against the Japanese. He was on a ship that was hit by a Kamakazi fighter. The ship caught fire but they were able to douse the fire and keep going. I'm not sure the extent of crew injuries. Dad later built roads and bridges on an island, working just below US flame throwers firing on Japanese soldiers in his view. He had nightmares for the rest of his life about that experience. :cry:

    (((Karen in VA))) Work place treachery is horrible for everyone involved. :grumble:

    Margaret: I love the framed Medal awarded to your dad as well as the photo of the bald eagle. :heart:

    DSIL & DBIL are here visiting for a few days. We had enjoyable time browsing in an antiques and collectables mall nearby, and also had a nice lunch at home. Right now everyone else is napping.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 7,893 Member Member Posts: 7,893 Member
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,529 Member Member Posts: 1,529 Member
    ✔️1. weighed in 59.5 upward trend this week :/
    ✔️ 2. tracked yesterday
    ✔️3.30 min exercise yest
    X 4. five minutes meditation yest
    X 5.Spend at least 2h on long term writing project yest
    X 6.produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term yest
    ✔️ 7. Take care of at least one shorter (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill, (union work doesn't count) yest
    ✔️ 8. At least 15 min cleaning yest
    X9. At least 15 min filing/paperwork yest
    X 10.average 1100 calories net yesterday

    • Overall Feeling : ok
    • Tracking yesterday: yes
    • Exercise yesterday : short walk to gym 15 min elliptical plus other steps
    • 1100 calories net average : no, about 650 over!
    • Long term writing 2h yesterday : no
    • produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term writing project yest (from May 25 to June 10, minus Sundays) yesterday : none
    • Short term writing/admin yesterday :yes, set up new phone. but it took a long time and I'm still having problems
    • Bright Spots : nice evening, possible work evolution.

    Grateful :
    1. Good night's sleep
    2. Nice evening yesterday,
    3. Home is in ok shape
    4. more able to enjoy meeting friends and colleagues now that classes are finished and days are longer, and milder
    5. mild weather
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,529 Member Member Posts: 1,529 Member
    after a few good weeks, this past week I have been off track and yesterday was no better.
    650 binging. I had 1750 net, which doesn't work for my slow metabolism and small stature. 1100 net still seems really low to me, but that is really a good net for me to lose weight slowly. I know I'm not alone to be around that. Well 3 more days to see if I finish the month 1k down. I was a solid 1k down but now it's more around a very precarious 0.5.

    I finally set up new phone - switching from iPhone to android- it took a while- all good exceptionalities this minor issue- my contacts are imported but somehow access to them is disabled, I think by some manipulation I did that I'm unable to fix. I spent an hour yesterday then fell asleep.

    I took an 1st antihistamine of the season (hay fever) they are great for sleeping.
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,529 Member Member Posts: 1,529 Member
    Barbara that sounds like a beautiful walk down to the cistern. I didn't know that quote, but that is surely surely true. Thank you.
  • auntiebkauntiebk Member Posts: 1,459 Member Member Posts: 1,459 Member
    Too lazy to brave the damp, foggy, chilly day and either walk Tumble or play in the dirt. Those to-dos postponed 'til tomorrow morning. Friend and I played voicemail tag then finally connected for a nice long chat. The shock has worn off and she is feeling the heartbreak. Was happy to share some tears and laughter with her. Did draft firehouse budget hearing and board meeting minutes, two more loads of laundry, a little sweeping and a little food prep as bonus/substitute activities.
    Had fewer than 1000 steps, so walked while watching Apollo 13 (from library) to get to my daily goal.
    It worked, but now I'm too sleepy to do more than skim.

    Lanette, many thanks, I'll look at the 1099 tomorrow. (at Tara... ;> )
    Katla Papa was a SeaBee too, also stationed in the Solomon Islands, and rarely spoke of his experiences. While there he got malaria. Thanks to the malaria he and Mama resettled in the SF Bay Area as the St.Louis heat and humidity were too hard on him. Lucky for me since that's where my birth mom delivered me.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    walk one more step 15/31, 60 g protein 23/31, rx/vits 23/31, meditate 1/31, knee exercises 5/31, SWSY 0/9, play with Tumble 14/31, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 19/31.
    Word for 2019: "GOOD" good attitude, good food, good times, good choices, good enough, feel good, GOOD! Word for May "pause" Thank you Barbie!
  • trucker743trucker743 Member, Premium Posts: 386 Member Member, Premium Posts: 386 Member
    Janetr OKC, don’t blame you not wanting to drive through potential severe storms or a tornado watch zone. I got caught in my car cozied up tight to a friend’s house during a near passage of a small one. I’d prefer not to experience that again. It’s been too long since it was a regular hazard in my life. Your granddaughter looks charming. You and she must be very proud of her honors status.

    Rita! Oh, the joy of the first “getting wet” of summer! Whether it was a wading pool, a swimming pool, or playing in the great warm rains of an Ohio summer, it was always grand. I’m so glad you can facilitate that a bit for the folks where you are!

    I had my own wonderful “getting wet” days yesterday and today. The pool was a near perfect 82° both days with lots of afternoon sun. Back to cooler weather tomorrow, but not rainy.

    Machka, your post reminded my of the American TV comedy, “Get Smart”, which was a spoof of the American CIA. You may have seen it when you were in Canada. They had this thing called “The Cone of Silence”, which was a large plastic-seeming cone that cloaked to talk from outsiders. I can picture you in your “Cocoon of Silence”, lol! Lovely pictures, by the way.

    Lisa in AR, enjoy your “family trait”. I picture you, somehow, inna Girl Scout Leaders’ uniform, rump up in the garden. Our trait is to develope osteoarthritis in every conceivable joint, making bending over, straightening up, turning or sitting all interesting. It also includes “fat joints” in our hands and toes, although the weight loss from my surgery has made movement much easier and less painful.

    Karen and Julie, I always have heard it as “We compare our ‘inside’ to other folks’s ‘outside’!”

    Rebecca! Those roasts look delicious. I’ll bet they’re nice and tender.

    My naughty little orange tabby girl has gotten past me two of the last four days and spent some “glorious” (for her!) hours outside traipsing through the thickest parts of my “garden”. Whatever comes up is my garden! Fortunately it happened early enough both days that she got hungry before late afternoon and came in to the sleeping porch. I shut the door after her, opened the access to the rest of the house, Andromeda, my Siamese, was perturbed that she couldn’t spend the afternoon in the sleeping porch enjoying the 90°+ that it gets in there on sunny days.

    Almost but not quite caught up. All it takes is a day or two and I’m struggling!

    Sharon Near Seattle
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,368 Member Member Posts: 11,368 Member
    It's interesting to hear all the stories re the sacrifices people made during wartimes. We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who leave hearth and home to defend us. In the past, many soldiers were so traumatised by what they went through that they never talked about it. Many suffered extreme PTSD, but were labelled as cowards, vilified, and some were even shot. I am thankful that nowadays, PTSD is recognised and treated.

    Just about to go and see if the Repair Shop is on today. One of the drawbacks of Bank Holiday Mondays is that they change the schedule.
    It was coverage of the European election that disrupted the TV schedule yesterday. Grrr... We used iPlayer to watch an episode of Repair Shope that we missed while on our recent trip to Croatia.

    @cityjaneLondon Did you ever hear back from Repair Shop about your old doll?

    Today I plan to go to my Craft Group for a few hours. I haven't been since before we went away. Some of my groups have already broken up for the summer. Most of our members are Seniors, and attendance tends to drop dramatically in late spring as members take advantage of low season holidays in the sun. Also as the weather improves a lot of them (including me) prefer to spend their time outdoors or working in their gardens.

    If the good weather holds up today I will do some more planters after lunch.

    ☘️ Terri
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 594 Member Member, Premium Posts: 594 Member
    Watching news this morning-tornados came through last night. They hit in surrounding counties. Hit last night around 11. My area just got heavy rain. Lots of damage it looks like, extensive power outages. Haven't heard of any deaths as of yet, but definitely injuries. Homes destroyed. Feel very sad for those in the path.

    Very strange weather this spring. Hope the round of storms today don't bring anything similar.
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