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  • cmsavellscmsavells Posts: 257Member Member Posts: 257Member Member
    Lisa in AR - the pictures tonight on the national news were horrific. Way worse than what Louisville had last year, and that closed one interstate entrance and exit to/out of town. Prayers for all experiencing severe weather.

    Machka - I have cared for several family members post-stroke. Trying to wean from “prompts” is so difficult. My mom is doing OK with me removing some clues, but my mother-in-law by proxy (long story) just can’t manage without constant reminders.

    My uncle’s memorial service is this weekend. My cousins arrived from Alabama today. This promises to be and interesting weekend.

    Connie in KY
  • drkatiebugdrkatiebug Posts: 1,496Member Member Posts: 1,496Member Member
    Had to google to find the word that MFP replaced with kitten that was part of the expression that meant extremely pleased. To save anyone else the trouble, it’s that 4 letter word that can mean both rooster and a male body part.

    edited May 30
  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 6,084Member Member Posts: 6,084Member Member
    A friend is facing surgery tomorrow. I’m hoping and praying for successful surgery and a good outcome. <3<3<3<3
  • spikeyhairspikeyhair Posts: 1,706Member Member Posts: 1,706Member Member
    Brain not working yet just realised that I can get to you via website :D:D:D
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    ✔️1. weighed in 59.1 better
    X 2. tracked yesterday
    ✔️3.30 min exercise yest
    ? 4. five minutes meditation yest
    ✔️ 5.Spend at least 2h on long term writing project yest
    ✔️ 6.produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term yest
    X 7. Take care of at least one shorter (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill, (union work doesn't count) yest
    ✔️ 8. At least 15 min cleaning yest
    X 9. At least 15 min filing/paperwork yest
    X 10.average 1100 calories net yesterday

    • Overall Feeling : in-between
    • Tracking:not really
    • Exercise : little walk yesterday
    • 1100 calories net average : I'm sure I went over
    • Long term writing 2h yesterday : yes - all day ! arg!
    • produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term writing project yest (from May 25 to June 10, minus Sundays) yesterday : in a way : 14 pages worked on yesterday finished this morning
    • Short term writing/admin yesterday :nop
    • Bright Spots : got some writing done, weight back down partly

    Grateful :
    1. very mild SV
    2. got some writing done
    3. nice corrector
  • auntiebkauntiebk Posts: 1,012Member Member Posts: 1,012Member Member
    Well, Lisa, you called it. While still in my bathrobe, roofer called to let us know crew would arrive "in a minute or two" to finish the job. They arrived while I was in the shower. Another long, loud day of noise and disruption but all the work is done. Crew didn't leave 'til sunset, by then Joe and I were too frazzled to leave for campsite. I'd tried earlier to change reservation or even cancel the second night but nope, within the 48hr window. By then we'd figured out the campground didn't have any electric hookups, dogs weren't allowed on the trails, and were so frustrated with California rules and procedures that we decided to bag it. We'll try driving north tomorrow to see if any space available at Bullards Beach or Humbug mountain and if not, maybe along the Rogue River.

    Honestly as I sit here I'm wondering if this won't be our last trip in the camper van. We both get up at night so many times to p, not sure how close the bathrooms are or how my knees are gong to deal with the porta potty.

    The work is done, I avoided a re-run of yesterday's wine and even if there's no room at the inn Joe and I have the best conversations while on the road. It'll be good.

    Machka Do you need to retain authors' formatting? If not, could you save as text or to paste into Notepad, to convert them to straight text, then past into Word (or open text file from Word) and then use Word to format appropriately? RTW wants your husband to wean off from schedules, lists of rx and emergency #s? The mind boggles. Glad you persuaded her to drop such ridiculous suggestions.
    Welcome Jessica from TX. I admire your daily run! Mary from AZ (and Beth?) are proponents of Kettle Bells for quick strength training.
    Thanks for the Prime Cut recommendation Barbie!
    Rori energy and light right back atcha!
    Rebecca OMG that kitten!
    Kim so glad your new boss values you as a member of the team.
    Connie in KY (hugs)

    Off to eat my yoghurt, watch a little BallyKissAngel, take an aspirin and zzzzzz.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    walk one more step 15/31, 60 g protein 25/31, rx/vits 24/31, meditate 1/31, knee exercises 5/31, SWSY 0/9, play with Tumble 14/31, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 20/31.
    Word for 2019: "GOOD" good attitude, good food, good times, good choices, good enough, feel good, GOOD! Word for May "pause" Thank you Barbie!
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    I have problems with one of my thesis correctors.
    1 is easygoing quick friendly and communicative.

    The other, a friend of my thesis director, is opaque, a bit overbearing, not quick and not communicative. It was a mistake to work with her.

    If she were not a friend and colleague of my thesis director I would give her the slip without hesitation.

    She says she can't send me anything as she hadn't finished as she had medical issues, but asks me to send her more pages in a rather insistant way. she says there are some issues but doesn't want to tell me what they are.

    my thesis director gave me the corrector's number but the corrector refuses to speak on the phone. she wants to do all online. I finally called this morning for first time as there is some confusion, just after an insistant mail from her part. She answered and said she couldn't talk as someone is sleeping next to her.(sounded lame- why answer- she wasn't speaking softly at all) . and said she doesn't like to speak on the phone as it's a waste of time. I found her quite unpleasant and whiny.

    she is not expensive and I suppose she is good in her work, but I find her unpleasant and difficult to deal with.

    she is retired.

    since she is very slow to respond, I told her I was sending part of correction to another, saying not to worry to this one about the financial side of thing that we'll work It out in which ever way she sees fit.

    My thesis director said she was going to send me un recommendation to continue an extra year of thesis upon reception of a short document explaining where I am in the thesis. she confirmed reception but hasn't given me the document. Usually she's really quick.

    I have had a bad feeling for past months about her. like she was aiming to cause trouble behind my back but be all smily face to face.

    it was a big mistake taking her as director. I had another but this other one left the school and region and we had to change or change schools.

    she seemed nice enough, but basically she's very schoolish, but not a great thesis director.

    she will look paragraph but paragraph but doesn't ever want to discuss the thesis question or thesis plan. F'd up!

  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member

    Goals for May

    1. Lose at least a kilo (2.2 lbs) at 0.9 today
    2. Track all some
    3. Average 1100 calories net some days
    4. At least 30 min exercise 6 days a week (can by gym, walking, steps or other) most days
    5. Five minutes meditation 6 days a week many days

    6. Average at least 30 min/day of filing/cleaning most days
    7. Make appointment with dentist 1. dentist 2 and acupuncturist not yet
    8. Consider doing art or music in evening or in break/downtime instead of going online/tv.
    really have not
    10. Post things I'm grateful here daily. yes

    10.a Spend at least 2h/day on long term writing project average yes
    10b.produce at least 2 pages per day average yes
    10c. Send 20 pages a week to corrector. almost (74 pages in 4 weeks)
    10d. 100 pages by end of month (at present I have 17 pages quite finished plus parts elsewhere to consolidate).still need 26 more pages and there are only today and tomorrow.
    11a. Take care of at least one short term (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill/day. some
    11b. Make a list of short term tasks, etc and prioritise them, and do them. some
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,186Member Member Posts: 15,186Member Member
    auntiebk wrote: »
    Machka Do you need to retain authors' formatting? If not, could you save as text or to paste into Notepad, to convert them to straight text, then past into Word (or open text file from Word) and then use Word to format appropriately? RTW wants your husband to wean off from schedules, lists of rx and emergency #s? The mind boggles. Glad you persuaded her to drop such ridiculous suggestions.

    Yeah, I got the formatting done eventually. :) It's all supposed to be consistent, but each had approached their sections quite differently so we've got numbers, bullet points and all sorts, but I've made it look like it all belongs.

    If we had used labels on cupboards to indicate what is in them, and labels on objects around the house to identify them, and things like that we might want to wean off those as time goes by. But we've never used those kind of prompts because we didn't need to. Or if we had used detailed schedules to prompt him to have a shower, dress, and all sorts of basic "daily living activities", we might want to wean off those. But we've never had to use those either. He's been doing all that for more than a year now ... started doing that on his own in the hospital. :)

    I thought putting our physio appointment next Wednesday and the fact that my assignment is due on Friday, and things like that, on a calendar was "normal" behaviour! But maybe the RTW girl doesn't do that???

    Anyway ... speaking of an assignment due on Friday ... I'd better get to work!!

    M in Oz
  • klanders30klanders30 Posts: 2,474Member Member Posts: 2,474Member Member
    viv sending hugs and strength, hope things improve for your dad.

  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,446Member Member Posts: 5,446Member Member
    morning ladies~praying hard for all those having issues with family members.. getting old ain't for sissies...
    woke up and had my tea ,got a nice breakfast and lunch together , fed the birds and the pup, and will go walk my boys and feed DFIL.. then off to work..
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,446Member Member Posts: 5,446Member Member
    I dont feel like I've lost alot until I put my weight in this morning and it showed the graph.. it shows it going down and that's what I like to see.. might be at a slower pace.. but its going down...
    DFIL is suprising us and not planning on going anywhere yet lol ,he was on oxygen 24 hrs then just at night and now the past 2 days not having to have it at all...
    He is a true miracle... love him dearly...
    Only have 2 patients today.. so will have to see what happens with that.. dont want my hours cut anymore..
    Right now my job is working... and I can pay the Bill's. I am grateful.
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Posts: 1,682Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,682Member, Premium Member
    Rori - I was thinking of you yesterday. I swapped out my orthotics into my New Balance walking shoes - with the "toe socks" - everything fits and they feel great. I too hit the snack cupboard several nights ago so yesterday was a fast day. I gathered up sugary and salty snacks and bars and will be dropping them off at the Mission tomorrow. Glad to hear you got plenty of steps but sorry to hear it took a toll on your tootsies.

    Beth - are you still getting your CSA boxes? I signed up with a local organic farm, the boxes were to start the end of May - after not hearing anything I contacted the farmer, she said now there might be a delay to the end of June because things were delayed because of weather (understandable) and she didn't want to short produce for her farm stand. Hmm. CSA customers pre-paid so are guaranteed sales, I would think they'd come first. I'm hoping I misunderstood her. I am anxious to meet her and nicely discuss her business model, lol. Anyhow I'm guessing whenever and whatever she comes up with will be too much for me as DH rarely does veggies, so am planning to drop off extras at one of the Senior centers.

    Lisa - so happy to hear you are above flood level, what a terrible thing. I hope Dana is safe, seems she wasn't near any waterways.

    Facebook is still weaning me, lol. It continues to not want to load, let me open notifications, messages, etc. I "unfollow" and stop notifications of certain groups yet they pop right up. I reckon I'll stay on it just to try to keep tabs on friends and family I don't often talk to but the online time there is now practically zilch and it's fine with me.

    NYKaren - sending hugs and hoping everything works out.

    Vicki - what a shock about that phone call - I was so glad to hear you are now working "normal" hours.

    Have a good day ladies!

    SW WA State
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,186Member Member Posts: 15,186Member Member
    wizzywig wrote: »
    What a day yesterday, had a call at just before 4am, it was mum saying that my dad had had a fall and she needed help to get him back into bed. I woke Paul (my son) and we rushed around to help. Paul managed to pick him up and put him in bed, poor dad had a few scrapes that were bleeding slightly. We called the doctor to check he hadn't done more serious damage to himself. Eventually the doctor arrived and said nothing was broken, thank goodness. We were all in a bit of shock, I stayed with mum and dad for a few hours, had a cuppa, made sure they were both okay and went home. Rested for a few hours then went to the shop and then back to mums, the district nurse had been in the meantime to dress my dads cuts. I went back home and mum called again in panic at 3:30 p.m. saying that somehow my dad had managed to get himself downstairs (how he walked down the stairs I do not know, he can hardly stand!) and she found him sitting at the bottom - Paul and I dashed over again. Paul managed to get his grandad into the chair lift and guide it upstairs where we helped him out and walked him back to bed. Poor dad was exhausted and shaky by the time we got him into bed. I stayed with him a while talking to him, but I was worried about his breathing, but after a while he settled and fell asleep.

    A few nights ago a nurse came to stay the night to watch my dad so mum could get some rest because we mentioned that he often wakes in the early hours and goes looking for my mum and wakes her up. I wonder if they will be able to send someone more often now, we'll have to ask the district nurse, I think it was her who arranged the night nurse. At least if someone is with him, they can reassure him he's not alone and tell him mum is asleep in bed.

    It's not easy, poor mum isn't in the best health herself and is doing her best, but think I'll have to help/support her more and also see what other help is available for both of them.

    Sorry to go on, Thanks for listening.

    Still catching up - I'm also a bit of a TV addict, although recently I prefer to watch Netflix.

    Love to all
    Viv UK

    What do your parents think of the idea of moving into a partially assisted living community?

    The one my grandmother was in up till about 6 months before she passed away was a large apartment complex. Each person or couple had their own apartments from studios to 2-bedrooms. The place had a large dining hall for evening meals ... if you wanted. It had a gift shop, hairdresser, small library, and medical facilities including 24-hour nursing staff. You could also arrange to have a home care worker come in to take care of housework, and in my grandmother's case, also to get her up in the morning and settle her at night.

    After my parents saw the place, when we all moved my grandmother in, they just about signed up too!!!

    If you've got anything like that, it might be time ... sounds like your mother needs a break!

    All the best. :heart:
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