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Yo-Yo Here We Go.....Again!!!!



  • pontious11349pontious11349 Posts: 105Member, Premium Member Posts: 105Member, Premium Member
    Here's my monthly accountable pic.

    It's been a bad month on weekends with stag doos / weddings / social events etc. I have entirely let go on these days and tried to get straight back on point the day after...not always successfully.

    Anyway - progress isn't great but at same time I've not been hunting out the binges like I previously did.

    Question: what do you think of a new thread just for the monthly progress pics? There's all these dramatic before and afters (which are awesome) but sometimes feel like people are riding on the crest of old successes. The monthly pic keeps me accountable - something about putting the vulnerable photo out there keeps me ticking along.

    Who's with me?
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