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One day with?



  • askeeneyaskeeney Posts: 448Member Member Posts: 448Member Member
    No, but this one is.
  • your_future_ex_wifeyour_future_ex_wife Posts: 3,769Member Member Posts: 3,769Member Member
    alywei3773 wrote: »
    Before y’all make me feel bad for not wanting to have dinner with Mother Teresa or spend one more day with grandma, let me just defend my choice with a photo.

    Is this person popular? Should i know who this person is?

    Dave Driskell, crossfit athlete and my future ex husband
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  • SwannySezSwannySez Posts: 5,659Member Member Posts: 5,659Member Member
    This thread is just full of inundoe.
  • Rocko820Rocko820 Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    Reckoner67 wrote: »
    That so hard. My brother who passed away too soon, my best friend who also passed away too soon or my grandpa who died when my Mom was still a little girl. I dunno. Probably my brother but it would be a hard choice.

    Sometimes the universe creeps me out; remind me to tell you about it sometime

    Made me rethink my initial choice👍🏼
  • The_Devil_In_Miss_Jones_The_Devil_In_Miss_Jones_ Posts: 2,097Member Member Posts: 2,097Member Member
    It's a hard question to answer.
    My best friend who passed away too soon to Cancer, I miss her so much. I'd also love to be able to spend another day with my Ex husband who passed away last September, although we weren't together when the accident happened, I cared deeply for him and I wish we would have been on better terms before he passed, I think about it every day. I'd also love to spend time with my grand-father again, he was my father figure growing up and taught me alot of things. I miss them all.
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  • Cowsfan1Cowsfan1 Posts: 7,265Member Member Posts: 7,265Member Member
    Prolly my best friend from HS - he passed when we were 22 - 23
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