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    i only have two ways of eating. a little under or way over
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    I agree with what's been posted but my advice is to also have realistic goals. Are you wanting to be 125lbs with a good amount of solid LBM or have a total of 125lbs LBM plus additional fat mass?

    I will set a slight surplus to my food intake. My goal is to have muscle, and to look like I do but to look feminine? Does that make sense?

    You're going to look feminine no matter what. Your muscle gain is going to be very slow, slower than a man, who can mostly only hope to put on 1/2 lb of muscle per week if he's lucky and eating the right macros & calories. And think of it this way... if right now it's fat that's providing your shape... if you don't replace the fat volume with building muscle volume, where is your feminine shape going to come from?

    Even at that rate, the guy would notice WELL ahead of time if he was bulking past his goals. In fact, there's no way you can get bulky by accident as a man, much less a woman whose physiology won't let her grow nearly as much as a man.

    Don't worry about it, start with a 200 cal surplus, and if in a few weeks you don't notice movement on the scale week to week, up it by another 100-200 cal. You'll find your target, and keep lifting heavy and safely.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. <3
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    Simple advice. Start out with 100-150 calories over TDEE and aim for 1/2 pound gain a week. That's 2 pounds a month. Make it easy on yourself. Aim for 1950 calories. If you don't gain anything after 2 months, up the calories another 50 or so a week.

    Lift really heavy. Make sure your protein is high. Eat 1 gram per pound lean body mass minimum, and aim for 1 gram per pound of body weight (so setting your goal at an easy 125 grams is fine). Eat enough fats, .35-.4 grams per pound body weight.

    Don't slack off the lifting program. 3 days a week, every week. You're a beginner so use a beginner program that allows for really good progressive overload like Stronglifts or Starting Strength. I wouldn't recommend NROL for a bulk, it doesn't have the same progressive overload guidelines.

    It will be a long, slow process. Re-evaluate when you get to 125 pounds. If you don't like the mass yet and want more, then keep going up to 130 or 135, or even 140, then cut back down to 125. At your height, I'd say 125 is a great goal. If you don't like where it is going, you can always change that goal.

    If you don't stick to the lifting, though, you will gain mostly fat, so be committed to this.

    You are going to gain a lot less if you do strong-lifts or starting strength as that is a strength program, not a muscle building (though there is some cross over) they just have you do 5 reps/set, where optimal growth is usually in the 8-12reps, and for some women can even be the10-15.
    ^ If I could give you a medal I would, swear everyone on this site loves a bit of 5x5 and strongman lifts even though they are powerlifter workouts...I agree heavier weight for compound movements but most of my friends that do those workouts have made very minimal gains and constantly ask me and my workout friend for advice then blow it off when we say cut the 5x5 rubbish...
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    If you want to lose body fat, try carb cycling

    a good starter program is Jamie Easons Live Fit

    THIS helped transform me a year ago!
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    Awesome advice in the previous post on carb cycling...she really knows what she is talking about...but it may be a bit much for a beginner if you're not the sort of person who is into experimenting.

    As for not wanting to look masculine, I understand. Usually what girls mean by that is they don't want to lose too much body fat. It's not muscle that will make you look manly; it's a very low body fat percentage.
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    Haha that's great! Get your phuken fibre...
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    I'll check this out later.
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    Thank you for your advice guys, I want to look into carb cycling actually. So thank you for sharing the article. <3
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    I'll check this out later.
    After watching the video I have this overwhelming urge to lift weights and eat fiber.

    I loved this guy's video. I agreed with what he said and I hope more people see it.