I bought an aero jersey, and *smashed* a PR



  • jlklem
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    I do know for example a disk wheel helps a slower rider more than a faster one because they are on the course more. For me, I love to stand and ride, I have done whole mountains standing but I don’t stand till around 14mph as I create more drag than the additional power.

    Another example, my threshold is 4.8 watts per kilo but that only helps when the grade goes to ~5% as my 4.8 watts is only 285. I weight 59 kilos. All my training partners have lower watts per kilo but smash me on flase flats and flat roads. They are bigger guys with more power. I created my bike not be light but to be as aero as possible so I have a chance on the flats. I sit in the draft, take short pulls (as I slow the group down if I don’t hammer my pulls...which I do) and wait for hills. Aero is everything until a hill....
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    4.8 w/kg!! I'm impressed! :smile:

    I'm one of those bigger guys, and the flat is definitely my friend.

    I'm on a fondo bike, my tires say 28 on the box, but giant rims put 33 mm of rubber on the road. Light gravel bike. Aero wheels wing shaped bars. I'm making it sound like a Frankenbike, but it's fast on mixed surface rides, and we have a lot of great dirt roads around here.
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    I’m pure road, I want a gravel bike but I am so small I get bounced around and my wife would kill me if I got another bike...