Starting over...again



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    :bigsmile: I'm starting over this week as well and I'm lke you need people to motivate me. When I read your post you want to do it for everyone else except yourself.This is for you it's about your journey and when you love yourself amd have that inner strength everything else will fall in place. I recently lost 65 pounds then gained it all back about 6 months ago due to a knee that needs replaced. I have alot of pain with it so i need to do this. Thanks, for sharing your story girl :)
  • I am starting over again, but feeling very frustrated. A friend of mine has lost 22lbs since June 1st on a program called Ideal Protein. While I am happy for her, I don't want to be on a program that might be hard for me to maintain. So, I am on my own quest to find the sugars and carbs I can commit to stop eating and those I can reduce the amount I consume.

    At the moment I am trying to focus on breakfast. I usually hit the floor behind schedule for the day, but am working on getting up earlier to have a low carb breakfast.

    The other challenge I have is breaking the habit of eating. I enjoy snacking at work at my desk, at home while watching TV or even just running errands.

    I will be 50 in September and hope to have this figured out by then.
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    Feel free to add me too.... I love this site and agree that the motivation from friends helps... Good luck :)
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    I re-committed recently as well. My weight had snuck up to my all time non-pregnant high and my knees started to scream at me. I also have young children and want to be active with them.

    It has been easier in these summer months because of a more relaxed schedule, hoping that I keep the balance once school and the kids activities start in a few short weeks.
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    Hello! I am trying to lose 12 pounds by the middle of October. I exercise often (running, step, weights, pilates), but I didn't weigh myself and managed to gain some weight back. I am 5'1 and should be 110-114 pounds, but managed to creep up to 128 pounds (too heavy for my build). I want to fit back into my clothes again and feel better. Losing weight is not easy for me. I am petite and a fitness test showed that I need to eat around 800 calories a day (after exercise) to lose weight. I have found that to be pretty much accurate. I generally eat well, but I love to cook and do love things like ice cream and baked goods.

    So frustrating that I'm back in the same place after all the hard work. Would love to meet some MFP friends so we can support each other!
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    Hey all, I've just restarted too. I'm on day 3 and doing a bit of herbalife with one meal a day and fruit for snacks. So far it's going ok but I have a lot to lose. Ideally I'd like to lose at least 150lbs and more if I can do it. So I'm in this for the long haul. I tried MFP before and did pretty well with it but I found it a hassle needing to do logging of meals during the day which is why I've gone for two herbalife shakes a day because I know it will be the same and I won't have to worry about it any more.

    Was doing great until I attempted Tae Bo last night and now have injured my knee but it's not making me quit the diet that's for sure!
    Good luck to everyone and if anyone wants to add me please do, I try to always answer posts, messages etc xx
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    Welcome back!! Your goals are definitely attainable...wishing you the best. If you want encouragement / support then feel free to add me.

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    I'd love to be your friend!!! Support is critical on these journeys. My goal is around the same as yours. I'd love to be around 160-170. I have about 120lbs to lose.

    I'll send a request!
  • Irony - I was coming here to either delete my profile or beg for help starting over...yet again. I had to buy a formal dress recently and I was in tears. My weight is out of control. Actually - my HABITS are out of control. Taking personal responsibility for my weight/overall health is hard for me for some reason.

    Anyhow - I'd be happy to have you add me to the support you're getting here!

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    Hi, all! I started using MFP in January of 2013 and lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks. I felt AWESOME! Then I plateaued (for months), stopped logging in my food and exercise and eventually stopped making any kind of effort. I gained every pound back and I'm not happy about it. So here I am - starting over. The scale I used before was 10 pounds in it was telling me I weighed 10 pounds less than I actually did. I was heartbroken when I found that out. Anyway, I'm looking for some motivation and/or support - both receiving and giving. I LOVE people! So, if you're in the same boat as I am, give me a shout. :-)
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    i added you! anyone else, feel free to add me too!