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Fair to Request “No Junk Food” at HOME?



  • TedebearduffTedebearduff Posts: 1,113Member Member Posts: 1,113Member Member
    80CATS wrote: »
    So, hubbz and I are both overweight BIG EATERS, I am actively trying to lose, he is not actively trying to, but does work out regularly.

    Anyway, I have asked that we not bring junk food into the house, but rather go out for single servings when we want those foods (ie: hit an ice cream shop and savor a cone rather than keeping ice cream in freezer, etc). This helps me *tremendously*, as I am a recovering binge eater and a NIGHTTIME eater (anyone else who suffers this knows it’s so hard to control, like being a zombie, so making sure there’s no junk in the kitchen to sleep-eat has been very helpful to me).

    We have no kids (CFBC), eat out fairly often, and definitely get our TREAT on...just outside the home...

    Last night, I found a pkg of peanut M&Ms he had “hidden” (poorly LOL), and asked him to stick them in his car—which he happily obliged—it got me worrying though that my request is maybe unfair? I asked him if he felt “oppressed” by my request, and he kept insisting it was no big deal, but I just wanted some outside opinions:

    IS IT FAIR TO KINDLY REQUEST that my (fellow plus sized) partner refrain from bringing junk food in house?

    TL; DR: fair to ask others to honor a “no junk in the house” rule?

    I think it's better for them to be there and for you to overcome your want/need for them. If you can't surpass this you'll most likely revert down the road after losing.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 3,120Member Member Posts: 3,120Member Member
    I assume OP's problem has been resolved by now.

    And as I said upthread, I see nothing wrong with asking him, especially since he said it was no big deal. If he had a problem with it there would be other ways to negotiate the situation, of course, but he did not.
  • snaxandpopsnaxandpop Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    I do feel it's fair. Your partner is also overweight and this would help him also, even though he has chosen to not do this for himself, he should be supportive to you. You did not try to control what nor how much he eats, only asked him to be supportive of you and not bring it into the home. I have read all the responses, ultimately whatever works for the two of you is what you should do. Some of these responses would cause me to binge eat! LOL! Good luck on your weight lose journey
  • frksfraufrksfrau Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    Sorry I’m late to this discussion. My DH is quite a bit taller than I, do he ‘hides’ his food on the top shelves of the cabinets. Honestly all of my top shelves are empty cause I can’t see anything nor reach anything. 😊
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Posts: 3,322Member Member Posts: 3,322Member Member
    Absolutely fair and I would do this for a loved one if he needed me to.

    To me, helping my partner avoid an extremely big temptation to focus on getting healthier is more important to me than having my own treat easily accessible.

    It is the same with someone trying to quit smoking or alcohol. If I chose someone who had a problem with alcohol then it would be silly to think I should be able to drink in front of them and expect them to stay sober.
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  • MySlimGoalsMySlimGoals Posts: 324Member, Premium Member Posts: 324Member, Premium Member
    If your partner is ok with it then it's all good and you are lucky he is on board with doing this for you. But if he is not then you have to consider that he lives there too and it is unfair to expect him not to be able to relax at home with his junk food.

    If it's the later then maybe set up a very clear junkfood fund that he is allowed and you have a fund for the same amount of money for gym clothes or something. Then when his junk food comes out at night you can't touch it because that is very clearly his and only his.
  • jo_nzjo_nz Posts: 316Member Member Posts: 316Member Member
    frksfrau wrote: »
    Sorry I’m late to this discussion. My DH is quite a bit taller than I, do he ‘hides’ his food on the top shelves of the cabinets. Honestly all of my top shelves are empty cause I can’t see anything nor reach anything. 😊

    LOL, I do the reverse - my DH is also tall, so if I want him to not spot something, I put it in a low drawer or cupboard.
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