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    Read about Autophagy and fasting. I've been using this approach along with a low carb diet and have not experienced any loose skin. Still have 30lbs to go but so far so good. When I started my journey, I was very concerned about loose skin and read an article by Dr. Jason Fung where he stated his patients have not had problems with loose skin. His approach is working for me.

    Autophagy is not a thing, at least not in humans. It sounds good - yay the body eats itself but no, the science does not back it up.

    And for the record, I lost about 50lb without fasting. And I have very little loose skin. Its pretty much down to genetics if you will have a lot of loose skin or not.

    If fasting works for you, great. But don't try and sell it as something that works for everyone.

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  • I’ve never heard of this autophagy thing it sounds like nonsense.

    I lost about 60 pounds and I don’t have lose skin. I do have saggier boobs and a gaunt face though. Guess that’s just my genes.