Iron Fortified Cereal or Pop Tarts?



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    How about having a liver sandwich, but instead of bread use pop tarts

    Win. So much win.
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    Pop tarts or cereal - neither! Red meat has iron. That fortified stuff may or may not be used by your body. Processed food is no place to get good nutrition.

    Processed food often tastes really good though.

    Yeah, just eat a little extra cereal. I eat 1.5-2 servings when I have cereal, then only a half cup of milk.
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    I've left this thread wanting Poptarts and tacos.
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    Iron from meat is more easily and completely absorbed than plant sources. Steak and eggs with a side of strawberries or a glass of prune juice* would be an iron rich breakfast.

    This site provides a list of iron rich foods.

    * I don't suggest having prune juice daily. I tried that once as a way to up my iron intake. After about 3 days things were not going well. Or rather, they were going a little TOO well, and often, if you get my drift.
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    PLAIN CHEERIOS. They're better for the environment than meat and poptarts. Pop tarts aren't nearly as filling and the gelatin is made with ground up animal bone!

    Cheerios can be spiced up with banana, blueberries, ect. Poptarts = sugar.

    Who invited cheerios into this thread??? Beat it with your whole grain yummy goodness. This is about the all mighty Pop Tart.