how to make coffee not taste like coffee?



  • wolfchild59
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    I don't like the taste of coffee so I don't drink it.

    Why would you ever force yourself to consume something that you don't like?


    Because black coffee is free in the design building at my college and tea is not and I like free things and caffeine. If I could find a way to make it palatable that would be preferable to buying tea at starbucks or drinking cold tea from home. I like hot tea. The architecture people guard their microwave jealously.

    Also my boyfriend has a coffee machine so if I find a way that I really like i could make it at home too.

    If all you want is the caffeine part, why not just take a caffeine pill? A 60 count jar of No Doz is about $7.00. Each pill has 200mg of caffeine in it. Your average cup of coffee has about 95-100mg of caffeine.

    So, if you took half of a No Doz you'd get the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee without the taste of coffee. And if you're only taking a half a pill at a time, you're paying about five cents per caffeine dose. So, while not completely free, it's still pretty darn cheap. And you'd never have to force yourself to consume something that you don't like.
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    It's a slippery slope you're embarking on... first you start with the lattes and mochas... and next thing you know it'll be freshly ground dark roast guzzled by the pot and straight black.

    this right here- this is how I wound up being a caffiene junkie. Started wtih half mixed coco/frappachino + coffee from the mess hall ... now I drink it black or just with milk.

    taps arm like a junkie- yessir please I'll have another.