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Does anyone slack off after they loose a couple of pounds or get close to their goal weight?



  • gradchica27gradchica27 Posts: 545Member Member Posts: 545Member Member
    I blunce around the same 10lb window constantly. Get to (or within a few lbs of goal weight) and vacation/holiday/injury gives me an excuse to be lax and I’m back to the top of that range. Which is exactly where I am right now, and have been since leaving on vacation in early May. Sigh
  • cbstewart88cbstewart88 Posts: 453Member Member Posts: 453Member Member
    Yup...been trying to lose my last 5 lbs for a year now....
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  • sgt1372sgt1372 Posts: 3,207Member Member Posts: 3,207Member Member
    It takes a greater resolve to maintain and control your wt at a specific level than to lose it because while losing weight can usually be done w/in a limited period of time, the need to remain vigilant in order to maintain your weight will go on forever (or at least as long as you care to try to maintain your wt at a desired level).

    So, no, I never slack off in my efforts to maintain my wt and I certainly do not "reward" myself w/"treats" (which would be self-defeating) for being able to do so.
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  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 502Member Member Posts: 502Member Member
    Like I said in another thread, my original goal weight was 150, but it's just way easier for me to maintain 152-154, so eh. If I knuckled down for a month to six weeks I'd reach it, but happy enough where I am now.
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  • slbbwslbbw Posts: 264Member Member Posts: 264Member Member
    I totally did this this weekend. I think I have decided I am fine where I am for a few months and then I will see if I care to lose more after a bit of a break.
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