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Fed Up: documentary



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    Documentaries are entertainment. They only give you the parts of the story that support the point they're trying to make, and conveniently leave out research or examples that refute it or muddy the waters. Then they work on your emotions so you want to believe them.

    The obesity problem is a complex and multi faceted problem. It would be really nice if we could blame it on the big bad food companies and the evil sugar. But it has a lot more to do with people eating mindlessly, having easy access to all the food, and becoming more and more sedentary.

    Documentaries might be an even bigger spreader of half truths and pseudoscience than FB is. Anyway, I bet if you searched older threads in the Debate forum you'll find we've discussed Fed Up at length before. I lost weight and have maintained while eating processed food just by calorie counting, eating sweets in moderation, and not following advice from any documentaries.

    To blame all documentaries as being antihelpful in any seems a bit overreaching and broad stroke. Rarely does a particular theme apply to anything all of the time.
    Where did she say it was anti helpful? There are some truths to documentaries, but as mentioned they normally don't reveal the other side because it could cause some skepticism.

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