Lose 20lbs by Dec. 1st Accountability Buddies



  • nighthawk584
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    Cool, this ends on my birthday Dec 1st :)...count me in!

    SW 280
    CW 223 (7/27/2019)
    UGW 180

    W1 8/4: 220.4 (officially 60 lbs down from my SW)
    W2 8/11: 217.8 (my lowest was 217.6 this week then back to 219 and ended here today :) )
    W3 8/18: 216.2
    W4 8/25: 215 (one month down, -5.4 lbs, -65 lbs total)

    W5 9/1: 213.6
    W6 9/8: 213.8
    2nswp4859zak.png(this week, I'm holding onto water weight because of medication adjustment. hopefully it sorts out in a week or two but yesterday I was 216, so all is looking in the right direction.)
    W7 9/15: 211.8
    W8 9/22: 209.8 (I was actually shocked I lost 2 lbs this week! Even went out for Mexican food, which I rarely go out to eat. I did hit it pretty hard with cardio and weight training though....Pleasantly surprised!)
    W9 9/29: 207.8 (two months complete, -12.6 lbs. for this challenge and -72 lbs. total since April)

    W10 10/6: 206.6
    W11 10/13: 205.6
    W12 10/20: 204.8 (crazy fluctuations this week. From 206 to 203.8 back to 205.6 and today at 204.8)
    W13 10/27: 203.4 (three months complete, -17 lbs for this challenge and -77 lbs total since April)

    W14 11/3: 201.2 (another crazy fluctuating week. my weight went to 200 and even dipped to 198.8 and ended today at 201.2 Still over 2 lb loss on the week, which is more than I expected in first place. The 200's aren't going to give the 100's to me that easy ;) haha
    W15 11/10: 199.4 (woohoo, back to onederland!)
    W16 11/17: 197.2
    W17 11/24: 196.6 (4 months complete, -23.8 lbs for this challenge and almost -84 lbs total since April of this year. Going into Thanksgiving week and my birthday on 12/1, I may gain a couple lbs back or not :) ... I only have around 16 lbs to ultimate goal now!)

    Final!!!! 12/1: 195.6 (a couple days late but I was away at my sisters through my birthday on 12/1. I was surprised I finished down from last weigh in, considering Thanksgiving weekend and birthday. I worked out and still watched my diet fairly close but splurged on a lot of the delicious foods and pies! )

    Total loss: 24.8 lbs for this challange and 85 lbs since April of this year.

    What I've learned about myself: Finding strength when I felt like I didn't have it in me. To never give up even though I wanted to so many times. I'm in my 50s and this to me is my last real shot at getting back the body I once had and to be healthy again.

  • yelliezx
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    Starting weight: 210.8
    Goal Weight: 190
    UGW: 150

    W4 8/25: 209.7

    W5 9/1: 206.8
    W6 9/8: 205.2 - I always forget to log on the thread but I'm doing it!!
    W7 9/15: 202.9 - Not obese anymore!! Just severely overweight 😂💪Next goal is to be under 200lb by the end of September!
    W8 9/22: 200 - was 199.5lb yesterday woooohoo! It's going! I started going to the gym now as well! 10.8lbs down since the beginning of this challenge; I'm gonna crush this 20lb goal!
    W9 9/29: 198.4 - I went out to eat last night and feel like I may be retaining some water but overall, a good week! Bring it, October! I'm ready for your Thanksgiving and Halloween temptations lol.

    W10 10/6: 196.2 14.6lbs down since the start of the challenge yessss! Now to drop the water from the weekend!
    W11 10/13: 193.1 Now this was a great week and I got rid of the water ;D I just realized I'm 3lbs away from my challenge goal weight so I'll need to reevaluate 😁 Down 17.7lbs since beginning this challenge 😁😁
    W12 10/20: 192.5 My goal is to reach 20lbs lost by the end of this month! Down 18.3lbs so far!
    W13 10/27: 192.3 Had a slight set back but I'm back on it!!

    W14 11/3: 193.1
    W15 11/10: 188.8 Yess! Been working hard! 22.3lbs down from the beginning of this challenge 💪
    W16 11/17: 186.7 Wooo! Went out for dinner last night as well.
    W17 11/24: 184.5 26.3lbs down from the beginning of this challenge! I feel like I'm retaining water right now so I'm hoping to see a decent loss on the 1st!

    Final!!!! 12/1: DNW as I was in the middle of a post-business trip 4 day binge lol. I'm going to guess 186.5
    Total loss: 24.3lbs
    What I've learned about myself: I'm going to have set backs (usually out of town trips) but as long as I get back on it when I return, I'll reach my goals!
  • Anna247exo
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    SW: 237 (6/14/19)
    GW: 200
    UG: 150

    W1 8/4: -
    W2 8/11: -
    W3 8/18: 223.8
    W4 8/25: 223.8 🤷🏻‍♀️

    W5 9/1: 223.6 not much but finally got the scale to budge after 2 weeks!
    W6 9/8: 221.2 !!! Tweaked my workout routine and that seems to be helping!
    W7 9/15: 220.6 small loss because there were two birthday parties I had to go to this week and I didn't make the best food choices. I need to work on that since the holidays are coming up!
    W8 9/22: 219.6
    W9 9/29: 219

    W10 10/6: 217.8 hurt my back last saturday so haven't gone to the gym so was very surprised that I even lost any weight!
    W11 10/13: -
    W12 10/20: 217.2
    W13 10/27: -

    W14 11/3: -
    W15 11/10: -
    W16 11/17: 216.8 i haven't logged in a while. Been very busy with moving into a new place and also still recovering from a back injury.
    W17 11/24: 215.4

    Final!!!! 12/1: 212

    Total loss: 11.8lbs no where near the goal of this challenge but i think participting really helped me. Thanks!