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FDA to intervene in wild CBD claims



  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 873Member Member Posts: 873Member Member
    My wife has Fibromyalgia. It's about 80% better than it was years ago, sometimes she doesn't even feel like she has it any more. We went through an entire lifestyle change, what most docs want to tell people with Fibro but know it will never happen. Well, we did it and it worked well.

    She knows a ton of folks that take CBD Oil for the chronic pain with Fibro and many claim it helps them a lot. I bought some for her and she was like, "meh". Not much of an effect, but that's likely because she does everything else that she should - watch her sugar intake, not eat processed food, limit vegetable oils (so her Omega 3 ratio to Omega 6/9 is like 1 to 2), gets sleep (and puts down her devices at night), tries to move her body in gentle ways. CBD is huge in the Fibro community. She's had more pain reduction from Turmeric and for that matter really high quality Omega 3s and eating a Med Diet (plant based diets help a lot with chronic pain). I do think some want to believe it's a magic pill now that access to Opioids have been limited. But those I know also aren't likely to change anything else about the way they behave or eat and simply want that pill that's going to solve it for them.
  • KellyAnne999KellyAnne999 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    CBD is in everything. I even have CBD brow gel, mascara, and lipgloss, all of which were GWP, not things I actually put forth my coin for. No clue how it’d be useful in those items, but here we are, I guess. Gotta milk the sneks for the oil while it’s hot.
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