Women 200lb+, Let's Have an Amazing August!!!



  • lnov530
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    Ultimate Starting Weight: 285
    August starting weight: 261.8
    August Goal Weight: 255
    Current weight: 258.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150

    Weigh in day Fridays
    8/2 261.8
    8/9 260.0
    8/16 260.0
    8/23 258.4
    8/30 256.8

    Almost made it. Heading over to join the September group.
  • JMNagain
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    Hi all, been away for the last few weeks so haven't contributed much. Will try harder in September! Just caught up though, well done to everyone who lost. Here's my summary:

    August goal: lose 8 lb -nearly made it, not bad as was on holiday.
    Long term goal: lose 50lb - still stands.
  • inky92
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    SW 234 (April 2019)
    CW 213
    GW (mini goal) 199
    GW (eventual) 175

    Joining for a bit of accountability so my birthday doesn't turn into a month of unhealthy food and drink like it usually does. I feel I've had a good few months and really don't want to mess it up.

    Couple of goals for August:
    * continue to log every day
    * 3/4 workouts per week
    * take the stairs at least once every day at work
    * don't go overboard on the prosecco!

    Had a bit of a blip mid month - my birthday, plus my sisters birthday, plus a week of socialising at various different pubs meant I put 2lb on. But I've had my last weigh in of August and am 208lb - down 5lb total for August. Very happy with that.

    Took the stairs at work every day (did have a week off work though!) - I still hate it, but I'm starting to get to the point where I'm not completely a puddle of sweat at the third floor!

    Here's to September!
  • davisagolding
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    Ok I made the 5 pds off. Woohoo 🎉🎉🥇 now I am on 5 a month plan on the Fall Challenge. This has been a great thread. Anyone is welcome to message me. Hugs to you all. We can do it.

    Original starting weight -240
    August starting weight -240
    August goal -235
    Ultimate goal -145

    1st -240
    10th- 234
    17th- 235
    24th- 232
    31st- 235 FINAL

    Total loss for August ... -5
  • aragalen
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    aragalen wrote: »
    Hello! I'd like to join if I may :)
    I was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and put on a low sodium diet along with several medications and restricted fluids. Interestingly none of the doctors mentioned my weight or recommended I lose any. Of course low sodium translated into fewer calories and now I am seeing some weight loss, and am planning on continuing slowly but steadily (I'm sure it is good for my heart as well!).

    SW: 220 (May 2019)
    CW: 208
    GW: 145

    I wanted to update my goals a bit. My goal for August is to get to 200, but will be happy even if It's still a bit above that. There's always September :smiley: My current ultimate goal weight is 145, but once I get there I can reevaluate and revise it. Just to get to 145 will make me happy (and healthier)! Oh and I'm now at 206!

    Final weight for the month: 205 lbs. Not quite where I wanted to be but at least my weight is still going down :) 3 lbs. lost is not bad!! Looking forward to next month...
  • MySlimGoals
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    edited August 2019
    Started on the 6th of August. I live in London, UK.

    SW: 121.7kg/268.3lb
    CW: 116.7kg/257.2lb
    GW: 113kg/249lb
    Ultimate GW: 65kg/143lb

    Loss so far: 5kg/11lb
    Height: 168cm (5'6")

    I am happy that I lost 5kg (11lb). I didn't really know where to put my goal for August so I overestimated a bit. Next month I hope to lose another 5kg (11lb).