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  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,545 Member Member Posts: 1,545 Member
    @LuciBThinner I thought of that quote. yes, movement agreed, but not sure how. everything seems to hurt a bit if I move it. I do walk a tad and have the impression that it's not great for the tear, whereas it's been About 3 weeks.
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,545 Member Member Posts: 1,545 Member
    @shannon that's great news! !!!
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,562 Member Member Posts: 8,562 Member
    Hi all,
    Busy day, lots of talking/walking/eating. Just squeaked in under maintenance calories. Will have to do better to get svelte for the cruise. :o
    DH's daughter was fine - very tired, but basically ok. She is living in an apartment in London that she is desperate to sell, because of noise issues from horrible people above her. She has dropped the price, but no luck. Consequently she tries to be out of the apartment as much as possible. Endless weekends away and late nights. At 45 she is still living like a young woman, but she isn't that young any more.

    The family are back from France. They seem to have had a wonderful time. We are having them for the day on Monday as DDIL is back at work in London and school starts later in the week. Her parents are coming down for the next two days until they go back to school.

    Looking forward to seeing you all in September. :D

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,545 Member Member Posts: 1,545 Member
    went out to meet friend F for a drink. we got a little glass of wine each and then shared a cheese and plate and I got a small sorbet after. the cheese was a little too heave for what I was needing, but tasty - I think this place only has drinks cheese plates and cold cuts. glad I prefer sorbet to ice cream; I like trying weird new flavours. this was apple-elderberry sorbet. it was light and delicate tasting. barely walked but did Stand for a good 10-15 min as friend was late and we had a meeting point in front of a well-known shop.i rarely stand immobile for long and didn't think about that being an issue. I just read that in some cases it's not advised to walk and put pressure on meniscus. I also just read "Sixty percent of the population over the age of 65 probably has some sort of degenerative tear of the meniscus." Jeeze! anyway. pleasant evening out.i think my friend F rarely gets to get out with a 2 year old kid...
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,545 Member Member Posts: 1,545 Member
    August goals

    HEALTH :

    1. Write what I'm grateful for daily, here or elsewhere some :)
    2. Five minutes meditation 4 days a week some :)
    3. Write feelings here or somewhere some :)

    5. At least 30 min exercise 6 days a week yes until tear :)
    6. Go to gym 2x a week yes except for after tear :)
    7. Use city bike 1x no!

    8. Track all some :)
    9. average less than 100 carbs per day not at all
    10. Take measurements 1x oh! I forgot! tomorrow!
    11. Eat fresh leafy greens 2x a week sometimes, possibly, I didn't count :)

    Eating and movement
    13. Lose a kilo (from average 59.13 over past 7 days on Aug 1) no!

    12. 15 min a day no!
    13. Produce at least 1 rough page per day no!

    14. Average at least 15 min/day of cleaning average probably :)

    15. 15 min/day paperwork most days no

    17. taxes done no
    18. pay 1 bill per week no but some :)
    edited August 2019
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,016 Member Member Posts: 12,016 Member
    stats for the day

    rowing machine- 15min, 61aw, 106ahr, 135mhr, 2533meters=100c
    Apple Watch- 125c
    manual treadmill- 15.13min, 119ahr, 148mhr, 1mi=147c
    Apple Watch- 130c
    0runner- 142mhr= 30in, 10h, 40l, 106c, 126ahr, 142mhr, 9.52min mi, 3.05mi= 296c
    Apple Watch- 233c
    arm/chin up assist machine n floor exercises- 14.49min, 3sets of 10ea, 7diff floor exercises, 120ahr, 150mhr =130c
    Apple Watch- 127c

    total cal 673
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member
    Banana y oranges - I can guarantee with a 2yr old she’s not getting out much. Even to get a haircut big ol’ JR sits in my lap so he won’t get into things or cry lol.If hubby comes he holds him.Few minutes later a melt down we go home not having anything accomplished or he’s good but highchairs to shopping carts don’t fit him then that’s another problem.
    Amber Tx
  • csofledcsofled Member Posts: 2,709 Member Member Posts: 2,709 Member
  • Anniesquats100Anniesquats100 Member Posts: 512 Member Member Posts: 512 Member
    I ate too many treats today. The sugar gets me off track; I can't just have one. And I was doing so well!! Busted my calories by a couple hundred. At least I know that, so I know how much damage I did. Tomorrow is another day.
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,481 Member Member Posts: 6,481 Member
    Just checking in and have 62 posts to catch up on...I'm running on empty but what a blast the last 2 days of been. To get some sleep and up in the morning.
    Ta Ta for now.. xoxo
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,595 Member Member Posts: 14,595 Member

    <3 Here is the link to the new thread for September. It is still daylight at my house but it is already September for some of you. See you on the new thread.
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 600 Member Member, Premium Posts: 600 Member
    Debby in VA – I was never an up before the roosters type when I was younger, but have turned into that the last few years. I have turned into my mother in that respect, she was always an early riser. Even though I live by myself, I like the quiet of the morning. I like it when I can get out to walk soon after sunrise-that is the best.

    Bananasandoranges – yep, old bones are a real thing. However, I have also noticed many younger people where I work complaining about joints, etc. Usually those who are not in very good shape. I figured at least I have the miles on me to explain the wear and tear. Many of them just don’t take very good care of themselves. I am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago, and people tell me I am a young almost 65. I too look in the mirror and see all the faults but am learning to see the positives. Plus, you couldn’t pay me to go through my 20s again!

    Lisa in AR-good job on exercise and waist going down!

    Teri in Hot AZ – I think a 23 mile bike ride in Tucson is great. My son and family lived in Tucson, and now in Phoenix. I’m happy when I can get a 30 minute walk in there at 7 am!

    Son changed dinner plans to eating out at burger place. Quite good. Even split a desert with his girlfriend. Had burger with no bun. Ate a few of the French fries. Tracked it as best as I could. Strange, since it was more bulk food that I typically eat at one meal, I feel stuffed. Really don’t like that feeling. But had a good visit and a treat every once and awhile is not a bad thing.

    Finishing month 2.6 lbs less than I started and still keeping up walking and exercise, so I am happy with that.

    See you in September!

    Ginny in Ohio
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,427 Member Member Posts: 11,427 Member
    Update on August Goals.

    Word for August is REFLECTION
    The beginning of a new month seems an appropriate time to rethink goals.

    Scale Goals progress:
    SW: 227 (Mar 2014) Worsening hip problem made weight loss imperative.
    Jan 2015: 220: -7lbs; Struggled on my own to lose that 7 lbs. Joined MFP on daughter's recommendation.
    UGW: 153 (losing 1 lb per week)
    Sept 2015: 189:✅ -38; Had my hip replacement op.
    Oct 2016: 153:✅ -75: My lowest weight in a long time. It was a really struggle losing the final few lbs.
    Nov 2016: 160:🤦🏼‍♀️ -68: A holiday and several family celebrations later.
    Feb 2017: 164:🤦🏼‍♀️ -64 Christmas and more celebrations!
    Aug 2017: 159.2:✅ -68.8 I seem to have reached an equilibrium around 160/5.
    Jan 2018: 165: 😏 Still working on discarding that last 12 lbs.
    Jan 2019: 165: 😏 Still working at it.
    Goal for Dec 2019: 155
    Apr 2019: 162.4: 😄 Decided to concentrate more on health and fitness. I am increasing my strength training.
    Jul 2019: 166.2: 💪🏻 Muscle % increasing, but so is weight. Measurements are decreasing. Holiday 20 - 27 July Is bound to push it up more!
    1 Aug: 167.8
    1 Sept: 161.4
    2 Sept: 160.4

    August goals
    Very happy with August progress, so largely sticking to these goals for September

    [*] Start each day with Meditation/Reflection 🌻
    [*] Prelog food/follow through/hydrate 🌻
    [*] Weight less at the end than at the beginning 🌻 - 5.4 lbs 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
    [*] 30+ minutes intentional exercise + 6000 steps 🌻
    [*] Continue work on improving strength🌻
    [*] Continue 🌻
    [*] Keep on top of laundry/general housework/chores 🌻
    [*] Spend quality time with DH
    [*] Work in the garden (weather permitting)
    [*] Work on completing crochet projects🌻
    [*] Declutter 15+ minutes per day🌻
    Sept goals
    • Start each day with Meditation/Reflection
    • Prelog food/follow through/hydrate
    • Weight less at the end than at the beginning
    • 30+ minutes intentional exercise + 6000 steps
    • Continue work on improving strength
    • Keep on top of laundry/general housework/chores
    • Work on completing crochet projects
    • Declutter 15+ minutes per day

      ☘️ Irish Terri
  • ydaileyydailey Member Posts: 516 Member Member Posts: 516 Member
    Today is Another Look Unlimited Day!

    "Another Look Unlimited Day is dedicated to taking a look around your home for things you don't need, and that you can get rid of. But, instead of throwing them in the trash and increasing garbage in landfills, the day is meant for you to find other places to give your things to, such as to a charity or to friends, or for you to repurpose the item."

    Margaret - I can definitely sympathize about the paperwork. A couple of financial institutions required a medallion signature for me to deal with Dad's estate, and finding someone who'd sign one was a giant pain in the behind.

    Viv - Can't wait to see pictures of the new kitchen!

    Debby - Hey, I'd pitch in a few bucks to help your daughter bail out that storage unit! Who knows what's in there that she could use or turn into profit? Is it too late?

    Rebecca - If you catch me awake at 5 a.m., it's a good bet I'm still awake from the night before!

    We finished the catio! Here is a picture of the boys checking it out.

    So far they're a little uncertain about it so they haven't gone out on their own, but they seem interested so I think they will. I had to rearrange things a little on the ground floor because they'd get down there and then couldn't figure out how to get back in the house. Once they're up on the first shelf they don't have any problem figuring out how to take the ramp up into the enclosure and through the cat door. You can just see the tip of Luna's tail - she's not sure the cats should be out there.

    So that's one job off the list. Next up is getting the window screen and screen door back up on the front porch. (We took it down for painting earlier this year.)

    -Yvonne in TX
  • brad658htbrad658ht Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    I need some new friends for support on my new journey do add me or send a message . ngbq5qqizn8n.jpeg
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